Saturday, May 27, 2017

Insomnia Musings

I am up.  Can't seem to get my mind to quiet down.  Chewy is snoring...Willow is lying on the couch downstairs (She fell asleep there earlier and we did not bring her up this time).

Too many things trouble me tonight.  Some major, some minor.  I need to sleep better.  I have not been going to bed early enough.  And now I have gotten caught alone.  With my thoughts and my worries.   I suppose it is a good thing in a way.  One tends to drown out....I tend to drown out the various things gnawing at me.  Facing those worries....coming up with plans to change them to useful parts of my life... should probably not do this at 1:30  in the morning...

Got Michael to show off his cap and gown tonight.  Also downloaded Snapchat  (mainly for Willows amusement).  Well, here are some results.....

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