Tuesday, November 29, 2016

December, December...

So, the Holiday Season is upon our family.

I have mixed emotions on this.

There have been times in recent memory that I have been a bit melancholy and out-right depressed around this time of year.

Last year, I was splendidly not depressed--but the time went by so quickly--I barely got all my x-mas music played!

This year--the election and the state of the world kinda adds to my anxiety levels.

Also the fact that Michael will be turning 18 years old this February--and the anxiety levels that that provides regarding worrying about college, driver's education, special needs issues, etc.  Oh, and the college class he will be taking with his curriculum this spring..the fact that he will be graduating with his public high school class, etc.  Yep...it will be a special, stressful year coming up!

Well, first up is Driver's Education...made the down payment--he will be taking 6 hour a day classes during Holiday break this year!  Then on the road it is for him.  He is a bit excited about it (has been asking to do it for about six months), but like a lot of things for him--he is quietly anxious about it.

The biggest thing we have learned regarding Michael is that he needs more life experiences--because he gets himself so anxious in anticipation that he can become frozen regarding these big steps.  I can see him starting to worry about the college class he is taking in the spring...and this is exacerbated by the fact that state law will emancipate him when he turns 18...which means the decisions on these big steps are his to make (with, hopefully, our guidance).  I think sometimes he worries we are just going to kick him out when he turns 18...which, even for a teen without special needs, is daunting.


Meanwhile--the Holidays come whether we are ready or not!  I have a good deal of my shopping done already--and just when I think I am at a good place---realize there is someone I am forgetting or something else--like, oh, Holiday cards....that I still have to get!  But, by now, I know not to sweat the small things...right now, I know, wistfully, the best things about the Holidays are the times together and the memories we share.

So, while I am stressing about things coming up and what is next and what is needed for this and that....I am trying very hard to also enjoy the here and now.


We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving weekend, hardly doing anything...eating lots of food and getting the Holiday decorations out.  This year we put the tree in a different spot.

We used our new Echo Dot to play some holiday music and it was so much fun!

Our newest ornament--for Star Trek's 50th anniversary!  It plays the original Star Trek theme and has Captain Kirk speaking (very tinny--but cool!)

I did not get a good picture of the tree yet...but will put it on here when I do!


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