Sunday, March 06, 2016

Already March? And the Post-Game on Total Con

Wow, March is already here and I am kinda surprised at how quickly this year is going.

Hardly any snow here, the temperatures have been mild and cold at turns.  Lately, the news has bothered me with this election season...and I cannot believe how close we are in going down a dangerous path in this country...Here is an article I posted on Faceboo.k, and my comment:

"I haven't had someone put into words exactly my feelings on Obama and the country...this article hits it for me. I like Obama, I actually think he was a good choice, perhaps at the wrong time...perhaps our country needed to keep moving towards this darkness that I was so hoping we could avoid. Perhaps we were all patting ourselves on the back saying we voted a Progressive African American, we are evolving and becoming better...and we did not realize it was but a lull. I am a progressive liberal at heart, but I am more of an American than that. I am logical, I compromise, I am willing to listen to others points of view and come to a solution. I actually think that is something that makes our country wonderful. The way we can work through having Church and State and Freedom of Speech and all the other things we take for granted. The way we can work. Unfortunately, our country hasn't "worked" for a while. And it depresses me that we cannot seem to get past the name-calling, bigotry, the hate. It Depresses me that this is way we are headed."

Meanwhile...our lives are going on pretty smoothly.

Total Con 30 was one of our best...Chewy and I played a LARP game with Andre being the GM...weirdly enough, both Chewy and I played the same character in different sessions.  In my session...our group let the world get taken over...and we character was chopped up in a freezer.  Chewy's group fared better...well, if the "win" scenario is that you blow up your group so the bad guys don't take over the world.  Definitely one of the best games played in a while.  Michael enjoyed a very fun session of a miniatures game where he played an explorer to the Lost World and dinosaurs and King Kong (!) were discovered, to his delight!  He played that game for over six hours--and for a kid who has attention issues...that is big!  He also celebrated his birthday during the Con.  Willow had fun playing clay wars and she and I had some fun playing in the pool.  Looks like she will be getting some swim lessons this spring...  So, TotalCon was fun, we had great take out Chinese, found the restaurant at the hotel lacking (as usual) and were surprised at how quickly the whole wonderful weekend was over!

Now, we have gotten our taxes done, I have now put a deposit down for Willow's Birthday party at Dave & Busters...and things are humming along.

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