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Remembering Paul...

While Tom was up, we decided to go visit Paul's grave.  When he visited last time, we tried to visit his grave and could not find it.  This time, one of us had found it earlier this year...and we somberly visited.

Tom had a great idea to leave a die 20.  And then we were done.

It is very strange how death comes, we mourn, we grieve and then life goes on.  We remember the dead, we don't ever really stop missing them.  But yet, life moves you along and the all consuming grieving gives way to just a small throbbing in your heart...a place you hold dear and sometimes take the time to reflect on.

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. 
I am haunted by waters.” 
― Norman MacleanA River Runs Through It and Other Stories

Summer Ending with a Bang!

Willow has finally started to settle into camp.  Yesterday, their field trip was to Canobie Lake Park…and the Adventure!Willow I know and love came out.  She explained all the rides she went on, how she went in a helicopter ride, went on one of the water roller coasters and got totally drenched.  She was beaming and excited, she was so blissfully, utterly a child.  I wish I had been able to see her doing this (but isn’t that the bummer part of being a parent, you often don’t get to see how your children shine with other people/groups).  Next week is her last week of camp—they are going to the Museum of Science for their last field trip…sort of a precursor to school, I suppose. 
Michael has LOVED video game creation camp.  He has been working on his own game, which is his homage to Universal Monsters—he has a Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, wolves, etc.  From what I have seen, very clever  traps too.  He has mentioned more than once that he definitely wants to come back to this camp …

Time Flux and Weary

We had a fun three day weekend on Cape Cod and enjoyed ourselves restfully. Tom will be visiting for a little over a week, starting this Thursday, so we feel the summer lingering…and yet… Fall is creeping in.  Bought Willow a backpack while on the Cape.  We drove past her school on the way out for dinner last night, to see if they had posted what class she would be in (they had not).   When we got back from dinner…I looked at her supply list and sorted out the stuff we have already with the things we need to buy.  Bought Michael another backpack online, along with most of the other stuff we needed. The news is making me weary.  There is this, and this, and this.  I cannot shake these out of my head at times. Yet last night at dinner, I was watching my son while he talked with his father.  Watching his hand on the table while he leaned on his elbow…that brought tears to my eyes.  He is beautiful and wonderful and I helped create that.  Time is in flux and I find that I am being moved …

Perfect Moments

She lays next to me.  We snuggle and say nothing for a long time.  She has been anxious lately, discovering how life works, how death happens and how time moves on.  She tells me that she will never grow up.  I smile with wet eyes as I tell her how much I don't want her to never grow up....that the whole point of having children is to watch them grow, the adventure and all.  I am a convincing liar, just this once, as in my heart I wish she could stay this way forever.


He is smiling.  Actually smiling.  He has perfected the sullen teenager act so much lately that I am surprised by his light mood.  We talk and I discover my son over and over again, how much he has grown, how much he is still my little boy.


He seriously asks me to come downstairs.  Last night we discussed how anxiety-ridden the last few weeks have been, how melancholy has crept in, how the stupid car needs to be repaired before he gets yet another ticket from a very bored and v…

Cell Phone Picture Summer...

Someone told me today that August is the "Sunday of summer".  I guess August 1st is like the Sunday morning of summer.  It is still summer here, still plenty more fun things to do, camp is still in full swing...but yes, Back to School Sales are starting...and the hints of summer soon coming to an end.

I just can't believe July is over.  It went by so quickly!
Michael has been enjoying his LARP camp, however it is obvious that he is getting too old to just be a camper anymore....we may explore him being a "monster camper" (i.e. teen counselor/NPC) next year.  He has one more week of LARP camp (if you click the link, there is an article about the camp, Michael (barely) is in one of the pictures (I can see the tip of his head and his eyes!).   Later he will have video game creation camp (a new adventure that I hope he enjoys and he behaves well for).

Willow seems to have anxiety and separation anxiety issues dealing with summer camp.  I think the camp may just be…