Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time Flux and Weary

We had a fun three day weekend on Cape Cod and enjoyed ourselves restfully.
Tom will be visiting for a little over a week, starting this Thursday, so we feel the summer lingering…and yet…
Fall is creeping in.  Bought Willow a backpack while on the Cape.  We drove past her school on the way out for dinner last night, to see if they had posted what class she would be in (they had not).   When we got back from dinner…I looked at her supply list and sorted out the stuff we have already with the things we need to buy.  Bought Michael another backpack online, along with most of the other stuff we needed.
The news is making me weary.  There is this, and this, and this.  I cannot shake these out of my head at times.
Yet last night at dinner, I was watching my son while he talked with his father.  Watching his hand on the table while he leaned on his elbow…that brought tears to my eyes.  He is beautiful and wonderful and I helped create that. 
Time is in flux and I find that I am being moved along with it and sometimes I am happy for just the chance to watch it unfold.

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