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How they happen so quickly, and how we acknowledge at the time...and honorific, no plaque...not even a Facebook status....

So, here, on my blog I put that are not totally lost.

Willow has stopped sucking her thumb (well, she may do it at night, but that is a comfort thing, not sure if that can be stopped).  She did it without pressure from me.  She did it on her own.  She knew it was important to stop, we had talked to her.  And then she just stopped.  Willow also plunged herself into the water this past weekend--her head all the way down, holding her breath!  She did it two times and was very proud of herself!  She cannot wait to take more swimming lessons.Michael has been babysitting Willow with skill and perception.  It was nice to be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with a night out, realizing that Willow would be in capable hands.

Total Con 2014

Well, this year was one of the best times yet!  We got all the games we registered for (that usually doesn't happen!), no one was sick (we have had happen a few notable times) and Willow got to do her first round of Young Player games!

We tried a few things differently - we did not meet up one night at the hotel restaurant (too long of wait last year) and our friend John watched Willow for a couple hours (which was nice to have mom and dad be able to be in two separate games at the same time!)

Friday was got there just in time to pick up our registration and get right into our games!  Willow started off with her first ever game of Clay Wars:

I helped her to create Spikey - the poisoned spiked, six legged caterpillar like creature. Which she promptly lost with because she went off and attacked first...and everyone else attacked her creature!
But...she learned her lesson--and had great advice from her Master Gamer father---and ended up being one of the winners in Clay Wars!  She got…

Almost Fifteen (!)

This Friday, February 21st, he will be fifteen. As usual, the amazement at how time changes and slowly erases my small child into a young man. It has been a tough transition into high school.  There has been some definite teenage angst, teenage metabolism (no food is safe!) and general all around growing pains....but Fifteen!  Another year to learn and grow for all of us!  I am very proud of my teenager!

Report Cards, Summaries and Progress....

Both kids report cards came this week.  Willow's report card was simple to decipher.  She is learning and except for not being able to remember her phone number and address...she is doing very well.  She can she is learning math, reading and all the other things a kindergartner is supposed to.  She is learning how to write stories and the concepts behind how letters turn into words.  She has gotten in trouble a couple of times because she doesn't always "listen", but otherwise she is doing very well with her transition into school.

Michael has had a bumpier ride transitioning into high school.  However, he did mainly get A's on his report card.  He pulled up his Honors Algebra, pulled down his Computer Animation class grades, but we hope that this year is the adjustment year and that his grades will reflect that.  Now that he has changed to the Academic Algebra class--he seems to be handling time management and homework better.  He is still adjusting to having t…