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Cape Cod Vacation 2013 - Some Memories

It is always nice to put in a little post about our vacation to Cape Cod each year.  It gives me something to remember it by and as I have done it each successive year, it has given me something to look back at with fond remembrances.  This year I am trying to be a bit more detailed…so this might be a longer post!

This year we went early in the summer (Michael actually missed the last three days of school).  As we have been doing this for several years and I am organizational person…I had my usual list of activities and schedule.  (I have also learned how to “tone down” that schedule-y/organizational side of me—which worked out well this vacation, as will be evidenced below..)

As usual, I list out what needs to be packed and I generally pack everyone.  I have started to get the kids to help out with this—Willow “loves” helping although is not very adept; Michael grudgingly does so but is helpful---Chewy, well, as usual, he is working until the last second before we leave on vacation…so he is only helpful in packing the car really…

This year we were going from Sunday to Sunday, so we had an extra day (Saturday) to get ready—which really put the pressure off me.

 So, with our bags packed, our scheduled itinerary printed…we left in two cars.  (Yeah, we could have probably packed it all in one car—but it would have been REALLY tight—easier on all to use both cars).  Willow liked to point out it was the "girls" vs. the "boys".

Once we arrived on Cape Cod, we had a quick grocery shopping trip (we were armed with a list I made of our proposed meals for the week) —we arrived at our “home” for the week.   We unpacked groceries and all our gear...and then promptly went out for seafood!!

Isn't that order monitor cute!!?

This was Michael's expression most of the time when getting photographed--he isn't unhappy, he is just showing that Teen Angst thing!

Most of the week was beautiful weather-wise.  Monday was the hottest day and probably the most eventful.

 On Monday we went to Wellfleet/Eastham and enjoyed Red Barn pizza and the arcade. 
This is heaven in pizza form.

Then we went to the Wildlife Sanctuary on a guided tour of the wetlands/seashore.  

Where we found lots and lots and lots of crabs.  Mainly fiddler crabs.  I tried to take a picture of the Cities of Crabs—but they were so small, and we were above them on a boardwalk (as to not to disturb them) and the sun was glaring so I had to just take my shots – which meant that my pictures look like I took pictures of dirt and sand and holes! 
Really, there are TONS of little crabs skittering around there!!
Our group did find a Terrapin Turtle and a couple of Horseshoe Crabs –which were way cool! 

I have video of the horseshoe crab crawling, but can't get it to these pictures will have to do--she was really cool!  I had never seen a living one before!

We were hot, did not bring enough water with us and it was a longer walk than we thought…Michael was not as enthused as the rest of us about being hot and without water (he was ready to Go Already!)…but Willow was in her element. She used her dip net to find snails and Green Crabs and Hermit Crabs and seaweed (!) 

One of the group leaders taught Willow that if she hummed to the snails in her hand—they would come out of their shells and dance!  (She loved doing this and was humming like crazy!)

After a looong walk back and re-hydration—we decided to go on with the rest of the days plans—which included dinner at Arnolds and then a Drive-In Movie.  (Monsters University—it was okay—or as Michael said—“wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”—ah, I remember when Pixar always scored big….)

Tuesday was more of a local day.  We went to the nearest beach and enjoyed a couple hours.  We are not really beach people—well, I am more than the others—but we are really not the ones who stay on beaches forever…two-three hours is plenty.  Which turned out to be a good thing—cuz it seems certain people who did not listen to my warnings and platitudes about putting sunblock on BEFORE being at the beach (where the wind, sand, etc. can hinder application)…got sunburned.  Mainly Michael.  On his legs.  Solarcane was bought and applied. 
We spent some time at the pool and then went out and bought LOBSTERS and steak to cook up with some corn on the cob (and lots of butter) and ate outside on the deck.

We eventually found out that the DVD in our place did not work (well, it did not play most DVDs we had brought).    Chewy spent some time doing what he does best--de-bugging and making a work-around with our the next night we could watch A Bugs Life (yeah, another Pixar movie!)  and during the week we watched Dr. Who (yeah, geekin'!)  and Michael could watch Twilight Zone (yeah, teen geekin'). (Although most evenings we spent at the pool or we were out late enough we came home just in time for a late bedtime).
Wednesday was the day we were going to go Provincetown.  And spend some time at the private beach we park at and then walk around, etc.  But Michael and Chewy were too sore (in fact, Michael made sure to wear long pants the whole day just in case).  So, we changed our plans--and went out for some mini-golf!

Then we went in search of fairy houses....

I specifically wanted her to point at this house--because it is the "tooth fairy's house" (yes those white things in the branches are "teeth").

Thursday we went to Provincetown, and while the weather was starting to get a bit hazy, we were still able to enjoy the beach and some wonderful seafood.  Provincetown is so wonderful to just walk around and enjoy everything...

Ready for P-Town!

Delish salad dressings (homemade)

Lobster again!  


By Friday, the weather was starting to get rainy and stormy--but we had some places we still had fun exploring...

Edward Gorey's House/Museum, the last time we were there--Michael was Willow's age!

We had a wonderful time and I think everyone had a great time!  We did somethings that we ALWAYS do, and we tried out somethings we had never done...and it was very successful.  Willow had fun in the pool and the beach...Michael had fun at the beach and at mini-golf...Chewy enjoyed the seashore ramble and finding the turtle and crabs.  

On Sunday morning, as we ate breakfast on the Cape on last time, we talked about what we liked best this vacation.  Michael said he liked the Gorey House; Chewy the seashore walk; Willow said "I liked hanging out with you guys."  (she is a profound one, my five year old)

Random photos:

One of the few shots of Willow in the pool...

Blurry photo of the itinerary...

Blurry photo of Willow's trinkets--a tattoo from mini-golf and a fairy bracelet.

Eating Breakfast at Persys Place.

I couldn't resist buying these tentacles at a gift shop near the Red Barn Pizza...I made sure to come into the car with them on as if I grew took a LONG time before the kids noticed....

Breakfast at our rental place.

My beautiful girl, ready for the day.  

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