Thursday, June 13, 2013

GRAB(ook) Club - Measure of Love

I love books, love to talk about them.  But trying to get to read books, let alone TALK about them with others...not as easy lately.  Which is why I am so thankful for Mel's idea of GRAB(ook) Club.

This month we are reading her newest book, Measure of Love.

The idea of this blog-hop/book club is to throw in a question, and people comment on it in the comments section below.

After you answer my question, please click over to read the rest of the book club questions for Measure of Love. You can get your own copy of Measure of Love by Melissa Ford at bookstores including Amazon.

So, my question is:

Rachel and Adam are going to become re-married to each other after a divorce and reconciliation and she is feeling rushed to go through the whole Wedding Ceremony/Planning.  While they have renewed their feelings towards each other, they are not really on the same page on certain aspects of their relationship.  Sometimes, I want to just slap her and get her to explain her feelings of reservations to Adam.  My question is, while they seem to be communicating better--are they really communicating?  Should Rachel confide more or less to Adam?  Are they really being open and honest to each other or are they trying to hard to make it work the second time around?



areyoukiddingme said...

That's what I was wondering! It seemed that they were on the same page as far as the list behind the mirror. But, by not discussing her doubts, Rachel seemed like she was uncommitted and undecided. Maybe she knew herself well enough to realize that she would eventually pull herself together. As a fairly decisive person, I also wanted to smack her and tell her to work it out before it was too late!

Kathy said...

Good question! I too at times felt myself getting frustrated with Rachel not being totally open and honest with Adam as to how she is feeling. But I also accepted that is part of who she is and believed that she was just afraid of remarrying and it somehow not working out again. Even though the main issues that had jeopardized their relationship pre-divorce were mostly no longer factors (i.e. both of their job changes, putting them in more fulfilling vocations, making them happier in general).

Jane said...

Great question! I know for me, I am totally open and honest with my hubby, so I kinda wanted to slap her too! I can be indecisive, but she didn't really even if she wanted to get married again or not! She seemed to keep going back and forth. I'm glad she got it figured out in time! (Yes, I realize it is fiction but still!)

Tiara said...

I felt very frustrating reading Rachel's doubts & wondering why she wasn't talking to of the issues that ended their 1st marriage was Adam not talking to her & now here she was not trusting Adam enough to confide her fears & worries.

Alicia said...

I'll have to come back to this once I have a bit more of the book under my belt!

Anonymous said...

Hmm good question. In the end, she did confide her fears to Adam and he sensed there were something going on as well. Some people need to sit with their feelings themselves before talking about them as not to make more damage in not being sure. So yes, I think they were communicating, as best as they could this other time around.

loribeth said...

I too found Rachel's indecision (& reluctance to confront Adam about her feelings) frustrating at times. They were communicating well in some parts of their relationship but not on this very important point.

Anexpatinuk put it well -- some people need to go back & forth for awhile on a decision (& sometimes get a bit of a push) before fully committing themslves one way or another. And perhaps Adam knew her well enough to realize this!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I don't think she was open at all (or communicating) BUT I also think that it can be very difficult to start a conversation, even if we know we need to have it. Hence why so many people end up in couple's counseling, bringing the problems that were simmering, untreated, and have now reached a boiling point. Obviously, not the only reason why people enter couple's counseling, but definitely one reason. Communication is difficult, especially when you don't know how your words could change your life path.