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Transitions...some good news (Finally)

I was hoping it would not take so long to go from this to this announcement...but I can finally say---


I am kinda mixed up emotionally at the moment.  Very glad to have a job, excited about the opportunity and the company I will be working for--worried about the fact I haven't worked a nine hour day in over a year.  I will have a lot of learning to do and obviously I need to impress, etc.

On top of the normal pressures of starting a new job, we will be dealing with the transitions for the whole family, especially with school starting on Thursday (I start work on Tuesday).

But for right now--we are going to enjoy the long weekend, the ending of summer and some new beginnings!!

Memorable Moment Monday

Another installment of PAIL Bloggers Memorable Moment Monday:

A couple weekends ago our friend had some free tickets to a pretty fun Science Center.

I love finding "new" places to explore!  There were a lot of fun things to play around with--in fact, I think the adults had just as much fun playing with science as the kids did!

Big Wheels!
Pulleys and how they work!
Willow pulling her own weight.

Memorable Moments Monday

Another installment of PAIL Bloggers Memorable Moment Monday:

Last week we went to a park we had never been before...and for some reason Willow actually was interested in the tire swing.  Big brother Michael helped her out. It was a perfect opportunity to capture the wonderful relationship they have.

It is especially heartwarming to me for two reasons.  The first reason is because we worked so hard and long to have a sibling for him.  The second is it is amazing to see someone who often cannot relate socially with other people, but who obviously loves and cares for his sister.

PAIL Monthly Theme Post - TV Time

The question this month at PAIL is concerning Television screen time and your child.

I find this an interesting subject because it is, of course, very subjective and frankly, changeable with age.

We have a general guideline with our children.  The general guide is they can have a 1/2 hour of television time in the morning and then 1/2 hour of television at night and then there might be 1/2 hour of "family" television.  On the weekends this can be changed to 1/2 - 1 an hour morning and night.  And there are exceptions for movies and special events.

That is the general guideline but it is not so strictly enforced.  And here is why:

--During the summer and school vacations, rules are relaxed.

--My son is now 13 years old.  Sometimes he wants to play a video game for 1/2 hour and then later on watch television too.

--Having a 13 year old in the house often means my four year old gets exposure to television and computers a lot more than I would necessarily like.  Distraction on…


Time is annoyingly fleeting, annoyingly slow. There are many times when I want this phase of our lives to be over with. I am so done with the desperate roller coaster that is job hunting.

When I was working, the days sometimes blurred into weeks and months and I oftentimes would lament the time I was missing out on or was too tired or busy to appreciate.

Now, time can go achingly slow to the point that I find it hard to fill it. Especially now that I have the children all day, every day, trying to find ways to fill that time in meaningful ways can be exhausting.

Depression can make time seem to stand still around me, while others go about their lives. I am standing still. I am waiting for my life to catch up, to catch on, to move forward.

And yet. Time is slipping past me.

Sleep is an escape sometimes. Yet, in that time, I can find the most important things to stay up for. Tonight, Gabby came into bed with us and laid on my hip as I laid on my side. I laid perfectly still a…

Spaghetti Lunch


What do you do on a Rainy Day--Play with Shaving Cream!

Wish I could take total credit for thinking this up, but this weekend a  heard a friend mentioning that she would do this with some kids she used to nanny.

It is a rainy, thunderstormy day today.  Later on we are going bowling...but first....

I took some old shaving cream (if you know Chewy, you know he hasn't "shaved" in years) and emptied it out in the bathtub.

Then let her go at it:

Memorable Moment Monday - Pride

Taking part in another PAIL Bloggers Memorable Moment Monday:

This weekend we went to Manchester, New Hampshire for their first annual Gay Pride Festival.  It was a bit smaller than we had hoped--partially because of the weather, partially because it was the first one (and we are used to Boston) and partially because of controversy.  Small or no, we came to support and spend time with our friend Ana and her dogs (she was helping out a bit at the Manchester Animal Shelter's booth).

Willow made sand art.
Michael hanging out with Juli.
Listening to a speaker.

Guest Post from Michael's Dad

Michael's dad went to parents day at his summer camp last Thursday. This is the second year he has done so.

I feel the need to relate one of the remarkable things I have seen in my life and its about role playing games.

My son attends  "Wizards and Warriors Camp" summer camp .  Children (2/3 boys, 1/3 girls) between the ages of 6 and 15 dress in medieval flair  (for example my son wears a cape, a big blue musketeers hat, and a pouch with "spells" in it) and adventure in the woods.
The camp session is two weeks (my son attended 2 two week sessions) and has a "back story" that is different  every session.   Like the best stories, the story writes itself in a general outline.  The kids sword fight, cast spells, and wander the woods while the Monster campers (the CIT's and counselors) play various monsters and NPCs.  There is a loose plot line, and it is generally fleshed out or altered by the actions of the kids.  At the end of each two week session,…

Conversations at Bedtime

"What a long day.  [sigh]"

"What was your favorite part of the day?"
"Going to see Ana Banana."
"My favorite part was when you were singing in the car"**
"I love singing."
She is laying in her bed, I am sitting in the rocking chair.  There is a long pause of silence, I am hoping she is drifting to sleep.
"You are the greatest mom ever."
"You are the bestest daughter ever."
"I remember you singing to me when I was in your tummy."
"I remember singing to you when you were in my tummy. Thank you for reminding me that I should sing more."
"Good night mommy."
"Good night."

**My favorite part of the day was when were driving to meet Ana and she was singing along to Judy Blue Eyes unprompted (and I don't mean the easy part either).  It actually made me feel good and happy about everything in my life and that everything will work out.  The power of a…

Final Battle at Wizards and Warriors Camp

HERE is a video of the final battle at the end of Wizards and Warriors Camp, with some glimpses of Michael and Chewy (it is a four minute video; Chewy and Michael and about one minute+ in). There is a lich, a man with a witches heart in a box, zombies (that would be Chewy among them) and Anubis.

Chewy will be writing an update to this post with his description of the day. Meanwhile, here is a picture of him when made up.

Michael had a great time at the camp and cannot wait until next year!

Memorable Moment Monday

Taking part in another PAIL Bloggers Memorable Moment Monday:

Daddy took this photo of Willow enjoying one of her highlights from this weekend:

She was invited to a Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese!  (That is the birthday girl in the striped dress)  Not only is Chuck E. Cheese the place where she had HER party this year, but she also enjoyed being able to pick out a gift for her friend!  And Daddy took her--added bonus!  
(I went with Michael to go see "Dark Knight" -- Awesome!)

Okay, I guess I am going to say something about it...

Although I started this blog with the intention of keeping family and friends informed about our family, etc. I did not shy away from my politics. Most people are pretty clear that I am a liberal. Most people know I am an athiest.

But, I try to stay out of the fray most times--mainly because I realized as time went on, that no matter what evidence I present to the other side, no matter how many times we argue back and forth--neither side budges. And I get frustrated with it. I get frustrated with the jingoistic, hypocritically religious on both sides.

However, today I looked on Facebook and saw a friend in pain. Saddened and upset because she knew people who personally went to Chick-a-Fil yesterday in protest of her way of life. And my friend means a lot to me. And her rights mean a lot to me.

Personally, I think boycotts do not "work". I do feel that if you have a problem with some policy it is good to avoid their business. However, to have a religious call to p…