Monday, August 20, 2012

Memorable Moments Monday

Another installment of PAIL Bloggers Memorable Moment Monday:

Last week we went to a park we had never been before...and for some reason Willow actually was interested in the tire swing.  Big brother Michael helped her out. It was a perfect opportunity to capture the wonderful relationship they have.

It is especially heartwarming to me for two reasons.  The first reason is because we worked so hard and long to have a sibling for him.  The second is it is amazing to see someone who often cannot relate socially with other people, but who obviously loves and cares for his sister.



SLESE1014 said...

AWWW that is so sweet....I hope if I'm lucky enough to have a sibling for my daughter she can have a special relationship like's heartwarming to see.

SRB said...

I actually said "Awwww!" out loud. To myself. :) Love, love, love it.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Big brothers rock! :) I'm looking forward to the day when Ginny and Pip can interact in that way.

Anonymous said...

"Awww" is exactly it. What a wonderful thing.