Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wasting Time

We have 70 mins while we wait for his social skills group to finish.  Often it is a chore to fill this time up.  But not today.

The weather is wonderfully warm and spring is in the air.  She and I walk down the charming city streets of Lexington and she finds new discoveries at every turn.  For the first time in a while, I feel myself relaxing and not making myself fill the spare time with thoughts or errands.  We are just enjoying the warmth, the walk, the time together.

I am not trying to teach her anything (well, at a certain point, when she decides she must stomp on ALL bugs in her path, I do inform her that bugs make up a healthy diet for the birds that she was enjoying just a few feet away).  Earlier in the day, we had went to the Y and played in a class together.

But now...I am not trying to squeeze meaning out of this time.

She sees a shop and we go in and enjoy a cookie.  We start to walk back and we notice some dogs.  I noticed  how her eyes crinkle when she laughs.

Nothing extraordinary happened.

But it was my favorite part of today.


Valerie said...

It sounds like it was a great relaxing time. Hasn't this weather been great?

Serenity said...

"Nothing extraordinary happened.

But it was my favorite part of today."

I love this thought. I'm stealing it for MY today.


St Elsewhere said...

So sweet. Glad you enjoyed such relaxed moments with each other!