Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Creature Comforts

The new job is going well. I think I am making myself a useful member of the team and I am gaining confidence every day.


I am missing creature comforts. Being a small office in the middle of town square, some things are taking a bit of time to get used to. Like the fact that we have assigned parking spaces, which means when I leave (for lunch or for the day) I have to ask if anyone has parked behind me—and then they have to go down with me to move their car. Being small, we have less space. The kitchen is not really a kitchen…the refrigerator is a small dorm size.

And then there are the intangibles. I miss my old office mates. I miss the fitness room. I miss my music playing in the background (maybe this will eventually be okay, I just haven’t felt comfortable yet). I miss my old job.

Luckily, there are new creature comforts at home to look forward to. A new couch which I am in LOVE with. Nothing like being able to mush right down in a comfy couch. And then, make it recline further! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I could sleep on that couch. But I don’t have to. We have a new mattress! Which I also love!


Martha said...

Congratulations on settling in w/your new job. That's wonderful about a new bed and couch too!

Suzy said...

Glad you like your new job. There's also nothing better than coming home from work and chillin' out on a nice new sofa!

KimboSue said...

Glad the new job is going well. And YAY for new house things!