Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Of Battlestar and Rome

So, BSG is almost done for another season (the season finale is next Sunday). I am unsure what I have thought of this season. Generally I liked it, but it was uneven. I also have to admit that part of the reason I have been enjoying it (more so than some of the episodes warrant) has been listening to the podcasts. Thanks to Dear Hubby giving me an I-Pod for my birthday, I have been able to easily download and listen to the podcasts. And maybe I am podcast addicted. Just maybe. But I can actually make apologies for the problems with different episodes based on what the producer says "was" going to be vs. what the final outcome was. Okay, so my gripes on this season:

1. Not enough cylons. Okay, so we got on their ship earlier in the season, and there were a couple of cylon-centric eppys, but generally speaking, the "cylon threat" was not that present this year. I mean, its BSG--get the frakin' cylons messing with the rag tag fleet, instead of them "indirectly" influencing things. And what IS the cylon plan anyway?

2. Too much Tyrel. I like the chief. But not that much.

3. Too many episodes that really had nothing to do with the story arc as a whole. NOW, in the last two episodes they are finally going to have Balter's trial?

Now, onto the other show that has kept me thinking on it while I am at work and supposed to be doing other things. Hubby and I are netflixing "Rome". I love netflixing shows. Its fun, and I don't have to see them at the times that just don't work for me (like my son's bedtime, my dinner time, my reading time, my snuggling time--okay, I have other things to do than watch t.v. damn it!). Also, it really does keeps the dramatic pacing of the shows alive for me. "Rome" itself is "I, Claudius" on steriods. And I loved "I, Claudius". And, its got sex and violence (every American needs that, so I am told). Why, last night, I saw three severed heads!

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