Saturday, March 19, 2005


Time to pretend I have more time than I actually have to do the things I need/want to do!

I have been taking an aqua areobics class on Saturday mornings, and while this morning (in the wee part of the morning time between when my son decided to jump on the bed and wake us up and when I actually got up after trying to get him to go "play quietly in your room") I did have one pang of "oh, just stay in nice warm bed, skip class", I actually have found the class very invigorating. Kinda wierd, but invigorating. The wierd part is that its with mostly women significantly OLDER than I am...and they sometimes sing to the tunes being played....hmmm...something about Old Ladies working out in the water to "Y-M-C-A!" just is W-I-E-R-D....

Now I await my brood, who after I told them I had a lunch date and could they please do the groceries while I was gone (which they volunteered to do), they procrastinated until now...scarily enough giving me TIME TO MYSELF!! (WOW!!!)

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