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It Came

"Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near. Christmas Day is in our grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp. Christmas Day will always be just as long as we have we. Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart, and hand in hand." -- Dr. Seuss

It is kinda different, having older kids during the Holidays...There is some wonder of the season left, but there is also a quietness and somberness that sets in too.

We all know the drill, and it has become obvious to all that I buy most of the presents.  Which is fine with me, but it does leave a bit of an empty feeling in my stocking!  😋

As time goes on, and the kids are harder to buy things for, it becomes more and more obvious that the holidays are not about things and gifts...It's about each other.  It is about family.  (Well, duh). 😊

Although, as I write this, Willow is watching a dreadful Barbie video, Chewy is on his new Kindle, and Michael is in his room upstairs...We …

The Cute

It is Pajama Day at Willow's school...seeing all the elementary school children going to school in their cute pajamas--makes me all mushy inside.

Already, I had the mush from Tuesday's Holiday program...oh my, how the Kindergartners are so small and barely out of toddler-dom...

Yeah, I miss my kids being that age. I HATED the infancy stage..loved the toddler stage, barely remember the elementary school I have often remarked by now...Time and its passage still seems to amaze me.

I do love the stage my children are in right now too.  I used to always say that to people--I love the stage my kid is in "right now".  Now, that is tinged with a bit or regret, because I do actually also miss the stage of my kid "before" too.  Ahh...time.

And, of course, I am too old to have more children (nor do I logically want them) and too young to be a, I will just observe The Cute...


Meanwhile, my children are still …

#MicroBlog Monday - One Week...Ornaments, etc.

One week from yesterday.  Another Birthday, another Holiday...another year week.
Last night, after the kids went to bed, I made more chocolate fudge.  Mostly because I wanted to give some away for presents, partially because the last batch got too oxygenated and I don't like it that way (I like it when the fudge stays moist and soft, not hard).  I looked at my Grammie's writing of the recipe on the piece of paper that is worn and that I keep telling myself to laminate...and felt the bitter-sweetness of saying good-bye to it for another year, as I put it back in the recipe box.
I have not been too melancholy this season -- maybe because I am a bit more depressed about the situation in our country and that tends to dampen things in general, maybe it is because this season seems to have snuck up on me in a weird way...not like last year, where it totally surprised me and I did not have most of my holiday songs sung or movies, we have been very good thi…

Personally Inspired

Sometimes a person comes into your life and inspires you in ways you cannot fathom.  Sometimes that person is only in your life for a brief time, then gone.

This weekend, I went to a memorial for such a person.  She was gone too soon...younger than me.  I had not seen her in years, but had kept in sporadic touch with her through social media.
Social media can be deceptive in many ways, least of which, making you feel like your friends are not that far away, that they are only a click away.  
My friend had moved to the west coast a few years ago, and I knew that she had friends and family here.  So, yeah, there were a few times she had come back to visit and the timing wasn't I missed hooking up with her...but I figured, oh there would be a next time.  And now there will not.  And it feels wierd, because for me, there is a part of me thinking, oh, she is just a click away...
She was quirky.  She had tattoos.  She colored her hair.  She came to an intervie…


She is definitely a deep thinker, my Willow.
She thinks the most interesting things sometimes, and she creates the most intricate stories.
She reads and imagines...sometimes adding to her own anxieties.
This past week, though, she has shown her creativity in her writing...something she is very good at doing.

I hope she continues to be the creative thinker that she is and I hope to encourage her to write.  
Very proud of my little (not so little) girl.  


I open his door and he is laying on his bed, his small laptop open, looking at stuff...the tuxedo cat stretched out underneath him.  They are both comfortable in each other's company.  I withdraw...


Downstairs, I hear music...ah, Christmas music...who turned that on?  She is on her new chair, underneath a blanket, reading the holiday books, listening to holiday music...


Earlier, they played a video game together, they argued in the car, they listed five things they liked about each other...everyone separately and together appreciated a seasonal activity...


All these moments this weekend and this season and the next season and the previous season...I love...I am happy for these children.  They make my heart full.