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December, December...

So, the Holiday Season is upon our family.

I have mixed emotions on this.

There have been times in recent memory that I have been a bit melancholy and out-right depressed around this time of year.

Last year, I was splendidly not depressed--but the time went by so quickly--I barely got all my x-mas music played!

This year--the election and the state of the world kinda adds to my anxiety levels.

Also the fact that Michael will be turning 18 years old this February--and the anxiety levels that that provides regarding worrying about college, driver's education, special needs issues, etc.  Oh, and the college class he will be taking with his curriculum this spring..the fact that he will be graduating with his public high school class, etc. will be a special, stressful year coming up!

Well, first up is Driver's Education...made the down payment--he will be taking 6 hour a day classes during Holiday break this year!  Then on the road it is for him.  He is a bit excited a…

Pictures from Halloween 2016 and Beyond...


Upon thoughts and thinking, healing and hoping...

I came on here to put down my thoughts about the election...

This morning we watched the SNL from last night, and it was very cathartic, especially the cold open.  I came online and saw my friend Mel had written a post...and she mentions it beautifully.

Please click HERE to read her post and see the cold open.


I have a lot of thoughts about this election and its outcome.  Some is conflicting, most of it mixed with sadness.


I had not realized how much I wanted a woman president.  How proud I was to share that wonderful milestone with my daughter.  The fact that not only the glass ceiling did not break, but a misogynist, whose agenda includes restricting women's rights won is a bit much.  I put my daughter to bed on election night, telling her I would wake her up when Hillary won...bitter ashes.

I feel saddened that there are people who are so angry at not being heard, that they would let someone "tell it like it is" and tell them what th…

I Can't Say it Better at the moment...

For a Daughter