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She's with me

I could say that I am voting for Hillary Clinton because I am aliberal Democrat.  

I could say that I am voting for Hillary Clinton because I voted for Bernie Sanders, and now she is the Democratic party nominee.

I could say that I am voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, but I have had reservations because Hillary doesn’t fit into my ideal first woman President.  

All these statements are true and reflect the conflict I have had in choosing to vote for Secretary Clinton.   -------------------- I am a reader and a researcher by nature.  Whenever there is a question in my life, whenever I have had doubts about how to deal with a subject, I have spent a good deal of time learning about every aspect of the issue.  

Election Babble...

Just a collection of some of the comments I have made recently on Facebook about this election:

I think of it like this: two people are coming before me for a job. Now, if they blindly sent me their resume---I would be picking the most qualified. In the end, I want someone who is qualified for the position of President. Do they have to be lilly-white clean, nope. They do need to know how to do the job and, frankly, the job is political. So. The most qualified candidate put forth would be Hillary Clinton. It is as simple as that.


Well, I suppose the big issue is to try and research several different sources to get rid of bias as much as possible. For example, I have read up on Benghazi and do not see her at fault anymore than any other Secretary of State. I have read several sources, including the actual investigation. Unfortunately, in this day and age, one can end up living in a vacuum and hearing only what they want to hear. Part of the reason why I liked this…

Learning Experiences, Part II

She always seems to have deep thoughts at the end of the day.  Usually when lying in bed, when I am trying so very hard to just get her to sleep.  Then she asks the coolest questions.

Last night, is typical.  I read to her one of my favorite parts of "On the Banks of Plum Creek".  The part where Nellie Olson gets her comeuppance with leeches.  She asks what leeches are like, and how it feels.  I have had some experiences with, I explain.  She talks about how a friend of hers got stung by a bee.  She asks--can you go through your whole life, without being bitten by leeches or having poison ivy, or getting hurt, etc.

I told her how I had gotten in to a bunch of leeches, had a bad case of poison ivy, gotten lots of mosquito bites...and these were all when I was around her age (all, by the way, through Girl Scout Camp...).

The point was, I told her, is that life is the experiences, good and bad.  You learn from them, and later, you can tell stories from them.


Learning Experience and Mixed Messages...

Michael has worked at his job for a few weeks now...and it is a definite learning experience for him. 

It has been weird to hear him talk about work...he has said a couple things that are so typical of this type of the time he was talking about people coming in right at closing time and how everyone who is working is just waiting for them to go home...the time we went to the store and he proudly showed me something he put on he discussed that the Trump masks are played with at the store...but no one buys them...

He is on his first "long" shift today.  He has money to have his lunch there.  How he got this shift--the manager called me and asked if Michael would like to take this shift--and I said yeah, sure (he hadn't had a shift this week yet...).  Well--then we hit the corner of Teenager and Aspergers.  Michael was not pleased that I volunteered him.  Part of that, in retrospect, should have been obvious to me--I mean, how many times as …


My energizer bunny is not a morning person.  Especially when she is reluctant to go to school...

She had had a rough time getting to sleep last night, so I let her sleep in a bit.  Now, though, the morning routine is starting to eat into the little time I have in the morning.  [Sheesh, she needs to get up already!]  I pull the covers off of her  [I have made it easy, for gosh sakes...I even have her clothes picked out for her].  She pulls the covers back over her.  I pull them off.  Usually, this is enough.  Not today.  She is very reluctant to start the day, go to school.  The covers are back on.  We struggle and rough house and tickles are deployed.  [Time is running out, I do need to shower, get ready...]  She needs this, I need this.  Tickles, giggles and the back and forth...she finally pins me, her whole body on top of my back.

Finally, she is up.  She really does not want to go to school [she is having a rough time so far this year].  We talk and discuss...extra TLC is in orde…