Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Election Babble...

Just a collection of some of the comments I have made recently on Facebook about this election:

I think of it like this: two people are coming before me for a job. Now, if they blindly sent me their resume---I would be picking the most qualified. In the end, I want someone who is qualified for the position of President. Do they have to be lilly-white clean, nope. They do need to know how to do the job and, frankly, the job is political. So. The most qualified candidate put forth would be Hillary Clinton. It is as simple as that.


Well, I suppose the big issue is to try and research several different sources to get rid of bias as much as possible. For example, I have read up on Benghazi and do not see her at fault anymore than any other Secretary of State. I have read several sources, including the actual investigation. Unfortunately, in this day and age, one can end up living in a vacuum and hearing only what they want to hear. Part of the reason why I liked this opinion piece is that it does address some actual factual flaws she has. Do I think she is, no. Do I think that she is a liar to the third, no. In fact, several sources have found she is actually one of the more truthful politicians out there. It does not hurt to look at what various people who have worked with her on the other side of the aisle think of her. She is actually known as a great listener and policy wonk. In the end, my thoughts are that I want someone who is qualified. If this was a blind test and you got a resume from all candidates...she is overly qualified. We actually have not had some one this qualified in a loooong time.


This worries me. People not informed on how elections are done, how the country works. Too much hate and bile has riled up people to the point of not recognizing the democracy they live in every day.


Compromise is one of those wonderfully American things I love. HOWEVER, I am going to have to think really hard about respecting anyone who supports a narcissistic, bigoted, sexist a--hole. Sorry, I just feel that no matter what--you have to have some type of bar on stupid.


I am yelling at the TV. Omg. He just needs to shut up.


Listening to Hamilton on a drive in the rain....just seemed a good way to feel ready for tonight's debate.... (It certainly is making me feel better!).


In the end--I guess my cynical take on this...I am going to vote for the most qualified person. I don't really give a hang about the slanders which have plagued her. I want someone to DO something--which I think is where people who support Trump are initially coming from. Where Trump supporters and I greatly differ--I can deal with a "crooked" politician who not only wants to do something for the public good, but CAN do something for the public good. Heck, she did not need to go after this office--she wants it. Is it for power? Um, you don't get that much power from being president--in fact, you get shouldered with a damn site lot of responsibility. And supposedly, if you listen to all the slander--she already has the power to KILL(!), no. I think she genuinely wants to DO something (I kinda think of her as the woman who is like, "oh come on guys, fine..."I" will deal with this mess!!). Trump...I hear a lot of fear mongering and rhetoric...but even the things he says he wants to do--are impossible to do (a wall!?!) and he shows a clear lack of any real knowledge. Businessman, other businessmen have actually said he is not that great. is qualifications that I am looking for, clear and simple. The fact that he is a narcissistic, bigoted, a-hole, just is a more clear reason why I don't want him "negotiating" with foreign powers.

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