Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Things of Note

Coming late to the party on this one, but finally had a chance to listen, really listen to the Hamilton Soundtrack. I am finding it very fun and even joyful.  It definitely captured a revolutionary spirit, and there are some musical numbers that are really outstanding and some that are staying in my head for quite some time.  Kinda giving me a lift emotionally, like musicals are supposed ta!

My favorite songs, so far are:



My Shot


This week Willow is going to our favorite Live Action Role Playing (LARP) camp.  She has a foam sword and yesterday we made sure to come up with a costume (using an old garland from a renaissance fair and part of her dance costume, she decided against the veil from her Zombie Bride costume last year...)

Summer camp supplies -- backpack, check!, lunch box, check!, sword, check!


Last Sunday I finally got to do something I have wanted to for a while--go to one of those Paint and Play places--and I did a painting (!)  I am definitely no Picasso, but Willow and Brad liked it very much and Willow picked out a place to hang it...

Left is the start of the painting, top right is halfway through, bottom right is finished painting..


Before July 4th weekend, I had to work a half day with no one else in the office...I took Willow along.  She played so very nicely in an office, using an unplugged phone to answer "calls" and make "appointments" for the President and Mayor...


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Life Happens said...

Love Willow's crown. I've done one of those painting classes before and found it surprisingly fun (even though I'm no picasso either!). You did a great job on your picture!!

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