Saturday, June 18, 2016

Finding Doreen...

Michael did his first volunteer stint and it went fine.  Over protective mother that I am, I did stay at the movie theater the whole four hour shift -- I took the opportunity to read in the newly furnished lobby.

It is opening weekend for Finding Do.r.y.  Not as many people as I thought were there at the beginning of his shift...but it got busier.  And it being opening weekend, they had face painting and balloons, etc.

Michael and I got there and immediately we found...Doreen.  She has been a volunteer for Jimmy Fund (and the Red Cross and others) for eight years.  She actually volunteered to show him the ropes--and off they went.  Between screenings, they would come out in the lobby.  Michael did some pacing, while I got to talk with Doreen. She was very talkative and nice...and very nice to Michael, taking his eccentricities in stride.  She helped him be more at ease...and therefore I was more at ease.  She wryly said that they "discussed" whether her mechanical pencil that they both used to check off their movies was a pencil (Michael at first insisted it was a pen, until she showed him it had lead (Michael corrects--graphite).  By the time the four hour shift was ending, Michael had joked with her, had pizza and M&Ms and he had talked with a boy similar in age who was working as an usher!

It was a good Whew!  Moment. No incidents and a pleasant afternoon.  And he collected money for a good cause!!

It was so nice that we found Doreen to help him ease into this!  Now I feel a bit less worried for his next shift in July...

Michael's canister with the schedule--Doreen suggested putting the schedule around the canister...and there is Michael in his typical "not smile/smile".  

Meanwhile, I stood in line and got some Dory and Nemo balloons...


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MrsSpock said...

SO glad to hear all went well!