Saturday, February 13, 2016

Birthday Hang-Out

Michael's Seventeen next Sunday.  Gone are those times when I plan and plan a birthday party for him.  I asked him what he wanted to do...he said "have a couple friends over for pizza and just hang out"

So, today, that is what they did.  We invited two friends over...and we had pizza and snacks...and Chewy, Willow and I stayed out of their hair.

Oh, I did indulge in getting an awesome cake....

Which was a huge hit...

It felt weird to be out of the way, not hosting something, not preparing games or setting things up or putting party decorations everywhere.  For almost 16 of his 17 years, I have hustled and barely had a breath, while producing a CELEBRATION.  Meanwhile, time moves on...and there is this mature 17 year old and his pals, joking and doing whatever teenagers do...when they expressly ask the last other adult hanger on (Chewy was kinda hovering at my request) leave, please.
I spent the time with Willow, watching a double feature of James and the Giant Peach (one of Michael's favorites...sigh) and Wizard of Oz (on VCR no less!!)

There are so many things I can write about how Michael has changed and grown, how he often shows a maturity and grace and sense of humor that out shines his frustration and behavior issues.  How he is working towards goals and progressing, how he is leaning towards science or film he is a contradiction and a validation of our personalities.  As usual, he is often a mystery to me...and sometimes he is such a reflection of me. What a wonder to watch your first born grow up.  It seems so long ago that he was a toddler...I cannot really remember him as one any more.  I look back at my blog posts and remember.  

Happy Birthday, son.


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MrsSpock said...

J turns 8 this year and has asked for a low-key party himself. He has never enjoyed the noise of a big party, though, and often would go hide in his room with his Legos by himself. He wants a sleepover with one or two friends and that is it, and my family is not happy with that, though it's much less work for me!