Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Microblog Monday (On Tuesday)

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Being Social.  Being Social.  It is not my thing usually.  Which is not to say I do not want to spend time with people.  Or that there are times when I lament feeling lonely.  Or that there are times when I have great times with my friends.

But.  Being Social for the sake of doing so--because our son needs help dealing with social situations.  Because our daughter needs to have play dates with other kids her age.  Because we are expected to be there.

I love new experiences, do not really love meeting new people--although I have been pushing myself and my family to be more social.  

It was successful this weekend.  We met with new people, and Michael found someone he "clicked" with - so much so that we met with them again on Monday.  We met up with some not-so-new friends that we have started really enjoying hanging out with and that was fun!  We went to a BBQ on Sunday.

That was what this long weekend was about.  Being Social.  And it was exhausting!!

I need a break from being social now...the introvert in me needs to just be on the couch and read.  


Lollipop Goldstein said...

This sounds very familiar. I enjoy those moments when I am social, but it is exhausting. And thinking about upcoming moments when I will have to be social fills me with dread. There is a reason I work from home :-) That is exciting that he found someone he connected with like that! Good for you for going out.

Jen said...

A little peaceful you time sounds like a great reward for being socially available over the weekend : )

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Shall we now commence calling you (social) Butterfly? I'm glad you made new friends.

We entertained both Friday and Saturday nights and I didn't wanna talk to ANYone on Sunday.