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Going to the Beach with Cousins!

Today we did something that I hope happens more often--enjoying some fun with my nieces!  We went to the beach and afterwards had some great fried seafood...

My nieces are growing into wonderful little toddlers and my daughter had fun hanging out with her cousins!

It was nice to spend some time with my brother and his family.

Observations - Random


Willow Today - Getting Better!

She woke up and was her bright, smiling self!
Later, she was out swinging!
We even decided to go out for mini-golf and ice cream later on in the day.  She is definitely feeling better--no temp, and will be going to school tomorrow.  (And still having to have the YUCKY antibiotics for the rest of this month!)

Willow Sick

Wednesday was like any other busy day here...until Willow started feeling a bit under the weather.  Thinking that she would feel better with a good nights sleep was hopeful...but not true.

Yesterday, I went to work in the morning while Chewy watched her for a bit.  She had a fever, she was listless and no other symptoms except headache.  Taking Michael to summer camp, she threw up in the car.  On the way to the doctor appointment, she threw up.  I took it from there--Chewy went to work and I took her to the doctor.

And our journey began.

At the doctors office.
The doctor took blood and urine.  She thought we had it pegged as an UTI.  She was worried that she was dehydrated and needed IV antibiotics, etc.  SO...
Off to the hospital we went.  Where they decided it was better to try the oral method first rather than do an IV.
When we first arrived...
Five hours later, we had a prescription for an antibiotic and a discharge...after one more drink.

Of course, the antibiotic was not availab…

"I'm Batman!"

Michael had decided his two weeks anticipating summer camp could be spent wisely by delving into Batman.  I think it started out with an old Mad Magazine of mine that he found and he read the parody of the Michael Keaton/Tim Burton/Jack Nicholson "Batman".  

And, of course, he wanted to see it.  So, we all sat down and watched it.  And the sequel.  Then he was on his own for the last two in that dismal series--he was smart to at least Riff-Trax "Batman & Robin". 

Then it was on to video games with Batman.  And comics/graphic novels.

Now we have finished the re-watching the most recent trilogy from Chris Nolan.  (That was fun!)

He also looks up trivia about it on the internet.

Luckily for him--Cartoon Network is re-running the excellent animated Batman series.

Every so often Michael growls "I'm Batman!"

Summer Haze

So now we are in the thick of summer.  Cape Cod is a memory and Michael has been home by himself most weekdays (camp starts next week).  Willow has been enjoying "water play" at school and has gotten the requisite scraps on her knees and bug bites.  This weekend I am thinking about setting up the big kiddie pool.

July 4th weekend was busy like everyone elses -- there was our traditional amusement park fun, and there were BBQs.  (My only issue was I had to work on Friday -- would have liked a long weekend!)

Oh, and someone (Chewy) had a birthday!

It is hard to believe that 6 months ago it was winter.  And even harder to believe that more than half the year is gone.

At the Amusement Park:

Cape Cod Vacation 2013 - Some Memories

It is always nice to put in a little post about our vacation to Cape Cod each year.It gives me something to remember it by and as I have done it each successive year, it has given me something to look back at with fond remembrances.This year I am trying to be a bit more detailed…so this might be a longer post!
This year we went early in the summer (Michael actually missed the last three days of school).As we have been doing this for several years and I am organizational person…I had my usual list of activities and schedule.(I have also learned how to “tone down” that schedule-y/organizational side of me—which worked out well this vacation, as will be evidenced below..)
As usual, I list out what needs to be packed and I generally pack everyone.I have started to get the kids to help out with this—Willow “loves” helping although is not very adept; Michael grudgingly does so but is helpful---Chewy, well, as usual, he is working until the last second before we leave on vacation…so he is only…