Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things to Remember...

“1. We're all temporary. We have to enjoy people and allow them to enjoy us, before it's too late.
2. One question should determine any given day's activities: On my deathbed, will I be happy I spent time doing this?
3. Work-life balance is a false choice. It's all life. If you suffer at your job, get a new job. If you can't, get a new attitude. And if your principal complaint is the people you live or work with, see number one.”

I saw this quote a few months ago.  It was in a Huffington Post article, I think.  I just cut and pasted the quote into a word document and left it on my desktop at work.  To occasionally look at and remind myself.  I needed the reassurances, because I struggle with these three items every day.  So in that spirit, here are some random thoughts.

I am not in-like with my job, but at this point in time, I need to stay at this position until I can get something else (which will be an uphill battle for another time—perhaps next year?)

I always struggle balancing between being the organizer/disciplinarian in our family and allowing myself and others to simply enjoy BEING

I loved spending time with the kids yesterday.  Nothing very special happened, just the time to be with them.   Well, the “special” included watching “Captain America” in hopes of a bit of Veterans Day feel—until my son HAD to watch the Riff Trax version; going to Friendlys for breakfast; Willow getting a balloon and being very,  very protective of it until the end of the day—in which she and I had a wonderful “bop the balloon” contest which ended in a POP---oh and Willow peeing in laughter on the swings and me wondering at first if it was raining….so normal stuff, really.

Both my children have beautiful singing voices.  I need to remember to get them to sing more often (with Willow that is not too hard right now—she tends to sing about almost anything, including random every day stuff like doing homework and playing with her toys).  I also need to remember to take out the video camera more often to get these precious moments down.

I bought Michael a pretty frivolous gift for the holidays.  He wanted it and I warned him that because of the expense it would be probably one of the few gifts.  And I could not help but get it for him—because, dammit, he is 14 years old and how many more times will he ask for LEGOs as his expensive gift?! 

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