Monday, August 05, 2013

Weekend Accomplishments


This weekend we felt accomplished. Michael practiced his clarinet and went to karate. Willow practiced her writing and got all her school supplies. I cleaned the refrigerator and did some grocery shopping. Chewy took Willow to a birthday party, promised a friend to fix her old computer and finished part of a project at work (remotely, at home).

Willow holding two folders (kitties and puppies!) and her big purchase--a Minnie Mouse Backpack!  (Inside are the markers and crayons that she also needed)

AND we still had time to go to Boston Comic Con!  

We saw many many people in costume...we saw a gaggle of Dr. Whos celebrating the announcement of the new Dr. with a procession around the trade center...we bought a few trinkets...

And Michael got to get Billy West (Futurama) to not only sign a Futurama comic, but to also have a video of that with Mr. West saying a Fry quote!   (video is a bit out of sync at the moment...will fix...)

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Life Happens said...

I love productive, yet fun, weekends! Willow looks so happy with all her school supplies. ;)