Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quotes from an almost Five Year Old...

Trying to find her coat last evening at Pre-K:

"Oh yeah, my coat is in 3C!  Because today I had a Separation Day from Kayla.  Just for today. Because I wasn't listening."  (Kayla is like her BEST friend)

Writing out her Valentines Day Cards:

"Oh Frankie.  Yeah, he doesn't pick up when we are supposed to at clean up time.  He is loud.  He doesn't listen."  (I guess listening is a big thing at school..)

On her newest artwork creation brought from school:

"This is supposed to be about the New Year [they celebrated Chinese New Year this week].  See...that baby dragon...he has a diaper!" (Breaks out into sustained giggles)

On any general day:

"How does ______ work?"  "Why does ________ do that?"  "Poop!!" (Breaks out into sustained giggles)

And sometimes at the most random times:

"Mommy?  I love you!" 
"I love my whole family!" 
"Hi! [stranger she just met] My name is Willow.  I have two cats named Gabby and Kif!" 

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Life Happens said...

So cute that she randomly says she loves you and her family. A mom never gets tired of hearing that!

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