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Chopstick Action

Today Chewy worked 1/2 day and we went out for lunch at a favorite sushi restaurant.

Willow tagged along and she was exceptional.  She had some noodles and it was with pretty great skill that she ate them with chopsticks.  She worked and concentrated so hard.  We even offered her a fork.  She refused and went to work.

With wonder I watched how maturely she worked at this.  It struck me at how all these things I take for granted--she has had to learn them.  And is still learning them.  How much determination and how many times children fail.  But yet keep trying.  And succeed.

I think I needed to see that.  To be reminded.

Mood Lifter

Driving Chewy into Boston this morning.  He likes it when I can...we have some extra time to just be together.  Today we talked about the newest Buffy comics.  They are considered canonical to the series as Joss Whedon has written them.  So "officially" they are Seasons 8 and 9.  We talk about the good, bad and not so bad...Season 8 seemed to derail towards the end. Then we talk about other things.

And then he has to take a conference call from work.  He tells them he is almost there (a lie--we are stuck in traffic!)

Then, after his call, Willow wants music.  And we all listen contentedly to the Beatles as the traffic clears.  Looking back I see her grooving to the songs...and I smile.

Little Bit Nervous - UPDATED

About a month ago, a friend and I were talking about the problem of finding friends for Michael.  He is introverted, quirky and his social issues cause him to often be by himself.  Or he finds just "one" friend that he likes--and it seems our luck is that then they move away.

She suggested that maybe there was a MeetUp group that we could join.  Something for geeky kids to play and do things that he likes to do (like video games, D&D, board games).  And it struck me as a "duh!" moment--like, why did I not think of that sooner.  That night I went on-line. There was Nada, zip.  Nothing for a quirky kid like mine (or even a quirky family like mine).

So I went out of my comfort zone and MADE a group. I called it Quirky Kids MeetUp, put the description out there (essentially, playgroup for ADHD/socially impaired kids).  And I figured I would be throwing away $20 for the posting.

I still may be.  But tonight at 7 p.m. I scheduled the first Meet Up at Panera Bread.  …

SOPA Protest - Free Advice (Random)

Mel had the idea that instead of shutting down in order to protest SOPA, we should share our best advice instead, to really focus on the wonderful things about the internet that we would have the potential to lose if SOPA passed.

Don't hide behind the camera.  This is one that took me a long time to realize.  While it is important to get those wonderful milestones/memories...don't let them pass you by while you are recording them.  There have been times that I have enjoyed the event/celebration so much more because I choose to participate rather than record.  Children thrive when you give them enriching adventures in diversity.  Yes, take them to the museum and the zoo.  But also take them to a theatrical show, plays, dances, go to celebrations of the Chinese New Year.  Find things that are adventures not just for them, but for you. (My children have seen Chinese Acrobats, Drummers from Africa, Silent Movies with musicians playing, etc.)Crockpots are awesome! Anything that can …


I ask him to come in the kitchen and help me with dinner.  Because the next time we make this dish--I want him to do it on his own.  He peels the potatoes and we talk about the chemistry of onions.  I show him how to cut the potatoes and then I tell him to put some black pepper on it.  And he opens the wrong side of the pepper--and a WHOLE bunch of pepper spills out on a portion of the casserole.  I am not upset, in fact, I stifle a laugh. I clean it up best I can.  He covers it and puts it into the oven.  The satisfied grin on his face is the only indication I receive, but it is enough.  I cannot wait to have him make this meal on his own. (Dad takes the slightly over peppered chicken breast.) 
She likes to help too.  Today I am putting the dishes into the dishwasher.  She comes up to me and asks to help.  Gently, I show her how to put the dishes into the machine.  She helps with the utensils and puts the  liquid in, shuts the dishwasher.  Pushes the buttons.
Both these chores are th…

Had an interview...

on a cold rainy day. The first job (non-staffing agency) interview since the day before Thanksgiving.

Half way through the interview she told me that it was all about timing. It was a good interview. She saw that I was qualified on so many levels. I did well and she "got" me. So well that she knew this was not the position for me. Halfway through, she told me so.

But we continued our pleasant conversation about the job market, job expectations and reality television (we both hate them). I left...well, a little dissapointed that I did not get the job...but, I felt that I am working toward my goal.

Its all in the timing.

Pressing Reset...

I think that right now I have pressed a "Reset" button to get 2012 started in the right frame of mind.

While my job hunt hasn't been at all bad (I have had interviews and callbacks, etc.) by December I was feeling kinda frustrated and annoyed. I have already redrafted my resume and made call backs to staffing agencies.

Other stresses were starting to wear me down. Certain things that I had resolved to do while I was gainfully unemployed--well, they kinda got forgotten or set aside, or downright abandoned.

So, this week I have taken the time to revitalize and regenerate. Time to get back to trying to paint the upstairs bathroom (well, so far this has been a resolution that I haven't totally embraced--I find this task more daunting, and time consuming, than I thought).   I have taken the time to read some books from the library, get moving on my Wii and learn some programming.

I think that while I started off my unemployment with the noble goals above, as well as g…

Again to the Mall?

Something that helps me deal with the Blahs--going out and doing something invigorating! Going to a museum, walking a nature trail...going to the mall (?) Well, this weekend was a mixture of that.

Saturday was really quite fun. We met with a friend and had some wonderful Dim Sum. And then she suggested a nice nature walk. It was a surprise walk, because the place she suggested, we had never been to. And she did not realize that it had just been opened up to people with dogs. So, we entered a WORLD of dogs while we were out on a 50 degree day in January. Muddy shoes and lots of licks by dogs of all shapes and sizes. FUN!

And then there was Sunday. Chewy had plans with some gamers. And I was desperate to do SOMETHING to get out of the house with the kids. But I had run out of ideas and energy to deal with anything too high end. Michael had an idea. An obsessive idea. Santa had gotten Michael a Heroica Lego game set. And it has expansion packs. And he needed ONE MORE se…


Talkin' to myself and feeling old. Sometimes I'd like to quit; Nothing ever seems to fit; Hangin' around, nothing to do but frown; Rainy days and Mondays always get me down 

What I've got they used to call the blues: Nothin' is really wrong; Feelin' like I don't belong; Walkin' around, some kind of lonely clown; Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.
 -- Rainy Days and Mondays by Songwriters: Roger Nichols, Paul Williams

The end of summer started to bring it on.  The fall usually would cheer me up but this year all I could think about was the coming winter and the ending summer.  The holidays...well, they brought their own baggage, good and bad in its own nostalgic glory.

So here I am.  Talking to myself and feeling old.

Feeling a bit isolated and timid about the new year.  And sometimes I would like to quit.

I think I have the winter "blahs".  Which is funny because we haven't had any snow yet.  Or maybe that is the problem.…


Last week I took the kids to get their hair cut.

Normally, Willow has been unwilling to sit for haircuts.  Sometimes she has sat on my lap or her dad's lap.  Most times she has been squirmy.

After the GLUE incident...she got it in her mind that haircuts HURT.  So, this last time was a surprise to see how calmly she sat (on her own) for the cut.   Not only did she sit by herself without fuss--but she actually let the hairdresser STYLE it. She was such a big girl!

And I had a view of both kids getting their hair trimmed--I could not resist the chance to capture it...

Back in the Saddle

Tomorrow starts the "back to normal". Which is funny because the "back to normal" usually meant me going back to work. And right means I have plans to take Willow to Ch.uck E. tomorrow.

And there are other routines that are going to be added/changed. After school tomorrow I am taking Michael to a Social Skills Group. Four other boys in his age group with two counselors to help them learn how to pick up social cues and interact socially. This will be instead of behavioral therapy, once a week. 

Also, Chewy has agreed to have a written schedule to try and control his out-of-control work schedule. Because he is driving us all insane with his working-all-the-time gig. (On that note, it was nice that Chewy took this past week off for the holidays! We (meaning me and Michael) finally enjoyed watching the Walking Dead and we got some solid quality time with him.)

And me--well, I am back on the trail for a job. I have a staffing agency interview …

Talking Tina, Buffy and Botana

New Years Traditions old and new.

Last night Chewy had his annual New Year's Gaming night. To go along with our latest Buffy obsessions, a Buffy RPG (Role Playing Game) was played. Michael got to play as Spike. I was to play Cordelia, but the game ended early due to various interruptions. It was still a fun night with friends.

I made sure to make our annual Botana for New Years. I am actually making another one tomorrow.

And then there is the Twil.ight Marathon. Such a tradition in our house. Even though Chewy and I know almost every episode. Even though Michael knows a lot of them. Even though we have a lot of the seasons on DVD. We watch. Not all of the marathon. But we check in and we say "Oh, it's the Talking Tina one! Or the Obsolete Man!" And there we are watching it. It has been so fun to have this tradition with Michael.

And then today...a tradition I hope can continue. Going over to a friend's house and hanging out with them, enjoyi…