Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mood Lifter

Driving Chewy into Boston this morning.  He likes it when I can...we have some extra time to just be together.  Today we talked about the newest Buffy comics.  They are considered canonical to the series as Joss Whedon has written them.  So "officially" they are Seasons 8 and 9.  We talk about the good, bad and not so bad...Season 8 seemed to derail towards the end. Then we talk about other things.

And then he has to take a conference call from work.  He tells them he is almost there (a lie--we are stuck in traffic!)

Then, after his call, Willow wants music.  And we all listen contentedly to the Beatles as the traffic clears.  Looking back I see her grooving to the songs...and I smile.


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