Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Perfect Moment Monday

Lori at Write Mind/Open Heart says Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

Moment #1:  Reading is sometimes more than the words.  The physical-ness of books are important sometimes.  The smell of a newly opened book, the musty smell of a library book, even the smell of cigarette smoke to remind you of the person who last had the book.  These are reasons why I am a bit resistant to e-reading.* Especially tonight as I read to her.  A book that is old, that has a smell of far away.  Of my home when I was young.  And the inscription from someone dear and long gone.  As I read to her, I explain how and when I received this book...and I think of the person who gave me this present so long ago.  It brings me closer to more than just my daughter.

Moment #2: He calls every day after school once he gets home (safely--my insistence was for him to call, now that he is walking home from school).  I look forward to it--we say very little to each other.  The thirteen year old boy and the mother at work.  A couple times I have missed his call.  It fills me with guilt because I want to show him I am there for him at a moments notice.  The best part, though...he leaves a voice mail message.  And I save them.  And listen to them sometimes at random times--just because I like hearing his voice.

*Not to say I do not see the advantages to them.


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Lavender Luz said...

Oh, yes. There is something to the feel and scent of a book, not to mention the memories of someone special, some sepia-toned past.

What a treasure, those voicemail messages of your young man with growing independence.