Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Who's the more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows him?" - Obi-Wan Kenobi

I feel very disheartened that Americans have chosen to be the fool. However, I do feel that many many people have done outstanding jobs trying to get voices heard. I personally have done so very very much during this process--from doing Meet Ups for Clark, to making calls for Kerry, to the many donations to Democratic causes...all I can say now is that I am proud of Massachusetts for going to Kerry and proud of Massachusetts for gay rights. I feel Kerry ran a good campaign, and considering how close it was, I am proud of it.

Kerry was not my first choice. However, I grew to like him and I thought he would make a much better president than Bush.

I guess what we can do is keep the opposition on there toes. We can make a difference, this campaign has shown me that much at least.

Time to go mope...leave comments!


Ana said...

true... a sad day indeed. But at least he knows that there is 50% of the population that isn't in agreement with him and MAYBE just MAYBE he will work at it knowing that this country is sadly divided. There is still hope. let's keep our chin up and keep fighting for what we all know is right. Just because he is president... our government is set up in a way that we still have a say. It just means that all of us who have only been kinda political must now be active with a true interest in our and our neighbors, family and friends' futures.

Delenn said...

Um..I wish I could believe that Bush would be reaching out to the rest of us, but considering he did not when he wasn't elected, he has a "mandate" now, so I think he will not care. AND this article suggests that...