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Strawberry Picking with Ana

Willow, Michael and I went for strawberry picking with Ana today!

It was pretty hot out there, and Michael ended up just pacing a lot...but he did pick a few strawberries...
I think everyone preferred eating them rather than picking them!

Willow had fun with Ana, at one point trying to steal berries from her box!  It was a fun (if too short) time with Ana...and both kids loved the bunches and bunches of strawberries!

(I am looking forward to some strawberry shortcake very soon!!)


Half way through the year already.  It is so hard to believe that it is June.  That it is Flag Day, that tomorrow is Father's Day.

So far we have had a good half year.  No deaths, no lay offs, no real big issues at school (hey, I have to count my blessings where I see 'em!)  We have had snow storms, sickness and fun at Total Con.  We have had birthday parties and had a wonderful vacation in Washington, D.C.

Soon, summer begins for the kids.

And no more Kindergartner.  A First Grader! Willow's first year of school was pretty exciting for her and mundane for us.  She seems to have issues with learning rote things (like counting by 5's and 10's seemed to stump her a bit).  She is left handed (who knew?).  She is ending the year sounding out signs along the road and reading simple books.  She is ready for the next steps...and I can see another reader in our midst.

Freshman year.  Oh, how we will be happy to see you go.  Such a tough transition for Michael this year. …

Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp-it-y, Camp, Camp-it-y, Camp!

Ahhh...June...spring is FINALLY here and thoughts of the end of school.  (So weird, because in Michigan where I grew up, I was out of school by the end of May...)

Another thing that is different, of course, from my childhood....the fact that summer camps are often not OPTIONS but necessities because both parents work.

Because camps are at a premium, because my son is 15 years old, because Willow is now going to be a first time summer camper---I have most of that stuff ready and a-okay....until I realized today that school ends on June 24th.  Which means I had a 3 day gap for now, I will be filling out (luckily, it will just be her afterschool option so its not a lot of stuff).

SO...the summer looks kinda something like this:

June 24th School (finally) Ends

July 25 - 27 - Willow stays at the afterschool place for Camp (which will be held at her school--confusion sets in about NOW)

Meanwhile...Michael hangs out at home and veggies, eats us ou…