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Finally Spring


On Being a Mom

As usual, there are lots of things being posted on Facebook about being a mother, about what type of mother to be, and posts reminding people that there are people hurting out there who would like to be mothers or who are missing their mother, etc.

One that struck a chord with me was this article listing the wonders of a special needs mother from Huffington Post.

It struck me two ways.  The first way would be son is a special needs child.  Yes, a lot of the things listed in the article I have done and will continue to do.

However, looking at the list, started giving me mixed emotions.  Because some of the items on the list, like patience and energy and flexibility...well, those are items that every mother needs to deal with all the time.  Just because I have a child who is special needs doesn't mean I am superior or that I have special MOM powers.  It just means that I have to tap into those abilities far more often.

This (almost past) school year has been a trying t…

Dinosaur Dig

One of the things I got Willow for her birthday was something I had done with Michael many times when he was her age (and older).  A dinosaur dig kit.  This one has two dinosaur T-Rex and one Tri-ceratop.

She was very diligent!  We worked on it today...right now the fossils are soaking in water...we will assemble them in the morning.