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Cape Cod Log

Annual trip to Cape Cod was fun and eventful...will post pictures later. The weather was perfect and I already miss it...

Sunday: Met with our friends Mark and Marcy and their children, had Chinese (Moo Shoo Pork will not be forgotten, although Moo Goo Gai Pan will be).

Monday: Beach time...and WONDERFUL lobster/clam fritters at Nauset Beach...then, onto Eastham! Time in Salt Pond looking for critters...mostly hermit crabs this time. Dirt slugs very interesting. And of course, Eastham Lobster Pool, one of our favorite places to be. Husband and I had steak and 1/2 lobster. Mudslide for Mom, Coke for Dad, Cranberry juice for Michael!

Tuesday: PERSEY's (Husband LOVES you) with Mark & Marcy and kids...and then onto Pirates Cove and some Putt Putt time with the boys...ARRGH!

Wednesday: Time in the Pool! (both indoor and outdoor); Michael really went all out with his snorkel! Then Indian food for Margo's Birthday and a LATE night at the Wellfleet Drive-In.

Thursday: Ferry to…