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First Reads

Once again I am amazed at the wonders of a child growing up.  It is so astounding to watch the world open up to her, as she stumbles, reorders, fumbles and then figures out the words.  As she reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar to me.  It reminds me of the time so long ago, when he was reading Go Dog Go!  and Skeleton Hiccups to me.

Spending that time reading, listening to her.  Having him read to her.  Again I have found reading.

I think sometimes we forget, with all the internet stuff going around....the book, the discovery.

I am looking forward to her reading more books to me.

4th Random

I have thoughts that I would write down, but they are not solid enough...I have worries and happiness, the intermixing have made me a bit dis-jointed this bullets seem to be the way to remember this three day weekend:

We were rained out of our normal Canobie Lake Fun, in one of those times when you are all ready to go there, have even put the sun block on in that naive way that "of course" the tropical storm should not affect that far inland way.  And the park was closed.  That, and the all day rain storm that canceled outside activities, kinda left us at a loss this July 4th
There was Fantasia and annual Twilight Zone marathon...and early birthday cake!  And a board game...and going out for seafood.  So, we had a pretty good July 4th anyways. 
Michael's report card came on Thursday.  He got all A's and one B+ (math final brought it down).  Very proud of him, and glad Freshman year can be closed in the record books.
Willow is apprehensive about summer camp--…

The Kittens Turn One!

The kittens turn one year old this July 4th.

We have had Delenn and Lennier since December 2013...a little over six months!

 They are cute and their personalities are different enough that you almost don't need to look at their collars to know which one is which.

 Delenn has become less apprehensive and more affectionate. Usually it is Kif and Delenn pouncing onto the bed in the early morning, wanting cuddles and food.

 Lennier is the troublemaker. He scratches things he shouldn't and is adventurous to a fault, finding impossible things possible and I can count several items in the house that he has broken. He is also Michael's favorite, so I cannot really be too mad at "Lenny" (Michael's nickname for him).

 In a fit of indulgence and frivolousness, I let the kids pick out birthday gifts for the kittens. We got a couple cat toys (which will probably not get hardly any use before they actually just lose them under furniture), some cat nip that they playe…