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Perfect Moment Monday/Monday Snapshot


Two Weeks from Today

Two weeks from today, my children embark on new adventures.  Our family starts a new schedule that will take some time to get used to and will become our routine for several years.

Michael is going to tour his high school with his counselor on Monday.  We already have an issue with his class schedule, so we will have to navigate the ins and outs of changing the schedule.  Hopefully we will have some ideas from his counselor.  With her recommendation, I have written the special education department this summer asking them to give him an evaluation regarding aspergers (his 504 does not address aspergers issues).  The diagnosis of high functioning aspergers is a recent one, so we had not really changed his 504 the last couple years (it seemed to be working for him pretty well).  But, with the transition to high school, we want to make sure that any accommodations that be made to help him can be made.

Because he has had a growth spurt (he now is officially taller than me), he pretty much …

PAIL Bloggers - Monthly Theme - Feeding Your Child

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1-7) and National Breastfeeding Awareness Month (in the United States), we thought we would use the idea of "Feeding Your Child" for the August Monthly Theme.

I find it interesting that we as a society seem to pick fights over the most common sense things.  Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, whether you feed your child exclusively human milk or manufactured formula--it comes down to feeding your child in whatever way works to get your child happy and healthy.

I was always pretty pragmatic when it came to breastfeeding.  If it worked, I was going to do it.  If it didn't, I wouldn't.

I know that when I was pregnant with my first child I was totally unaware of the Lactation societies and when I had classes at the hospital I made sure to take a breastfeeding class. I did feel pressured to do breastfeeding exclusively.  I spent a LOT of time worrying about the mechanics of it.

Then my son was born.  After almost 3 weeks of be…

Tom is visiting! Canoeing!

One of our oldest friends is visiting for a little over a week and we have been having some adventures!
Last Friday I took the day off and Tom and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts...and saw a very interesting time warp of clothing...(and since we are science fiction fans, we thought it very Dr. Who...)


Tom is really great with the kids and they just love him....
Getting ready to go out for some Dim Sum.

One of the reasons he is so fun is he is game for almost anything...including canoeing!

Funny story about canoeing...Willow wanted to go too, so when Tom came back with Michael, our friend Colt went out with Tom...Willow in the middle in a life jacket...

The canoeing with Michael had been about 15 mins.  They went around the bend in the river and then came back.
So, I sat back and enjoyed the river and took some pictures...

Thirty minutes had passed.  And then forty.  And now even I was a little bit worried....turns out, they went a bit further than before and saw ducks and s…

Weekend Accomplishments


This weekend we felt accomplished. Michael practiced his clarinet and went to karate. Willow practiced her writing and got all her school supplies. I cleaned the refrigerator and did some grocery shopping. Chewy took Willow to a birthday party, promised a friend to fix her old computer and finished part of a project at work (remotely, at home).

Willow holding two folders (kitties and puppies!) and her big purchase--a Minnie Mouse Backpack!  (Inside are the markers and crayons that she also needed)
AND we still had time to go to Boston Comic Con!  

We saw many many people in costume...we saw a gaggle of Dr. Whos celebrating the announcement of the new Dr. with a procession around the trade center...we bought a few trinkets...
And Michael got to get Billy West (Futurama) to not only sign a Futurama comic, but to also have a video of that with Mr. West saying a Fry quote!   (video is a bit out of sync at the moment...will fix...)