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PAIL Bloggers - Theme for June - Looking Back

"This June marks the one-year anniversary of PAIL. As a website, we remember what we were doing a year ago, but what about all of us as its individual readers?"

I like this theme a lot, because it is the main reason why I blog.

My memory, I have found, is not that great. Whereas my husband can recall activities and events from 5-10 years ago--I am lucky if I remember last month...

So, I use my blog as a journal. Originally, it was because I was interested in web design and programming and because most of our extended family are a long distance apart from us.

So, keeping with the Theme...I am going to look back at various Junes in my life... seems the very first June post I wrote was a praise of Sarah Vowell (who I still love!)   If you haven't read the book I reference in that post--please do.  And most of what I said in that post is still relevant as to how I am and how I live my life...(Oh, and I did send her a fan letter...)

Now, unto the specific IVF…

Still Thinking of You - Happy Birthday, Grammie!

Every year, June slaps me in the face...the year is half over and I cannot believe another year is racing by.  And every June, I think--ah, the 22nd...I would have normally been agonizing over something sweet to buy you for a birthday present.  (You were one of my favorite people to buy presents for--and I know you loved giving presents too!)

Yesterday and today, even though we are chaotically getting ready to go away on vacation for a week--my thoughts keep coming back to you and how I wish you were still around.

I often think of you at the strangest times--but most definitely in June and when nature is blossoming all over and the world looks so wondrous.    Your love of nature hits me and I remember to stop and think of not only you--but what you taught me as well.

Happy Birthday, Grammie.

Let The Summer Begin!

Michael has one more day of school (we made it so, because he is gonna miss the last three days next week because we are going on vacation).

This week, he has went to an amusement park twice on school field trips -- once with the band and today with the graduating 8th Grade class.  He surprised me by telling me that he went on a roller coaster (we don't seem to handle roller coasters very well as a whole in this family).  I am glad that my quirky son had a good time with friends at the park--and proud that he was willing to try something new!

Yes, summer is finally here!  The weather seems to still be trying to catch up, but it is looking and feeling a lot like summer around here....not least of which because we are going to make our annual Cape Cod trip this coming week!

The last two summers I have been unemployed.  While we are in a better place as a whole because we are both working and financially sound...I do miss the fact I cannot hang out with my kids during those lazy days…

GRAB(ook) Club - Measure of Love

I love books, love to talk about them.  But trying to get to read books, let alone TALK about them with others...not as easy lately.  Which is why I am so thankful for Mel's idea of GRAB(ook) Club.

This month we are reading her newest book, Measure of Love.

The idea of this blog-hop/book club is to throw in a question, and people comment on it in the comments section below.

After you answer my question, please click over to read the rest of the book club questions for Measure of Love. You can get your own copy of Measure of Love by Melissa Ford at bookstores including Amazon.

So, my question is:

Rachel and Adam are going to become re-married to each other after a divorce and reconciliation and she is feeling rushed to go through the whole Wedding Ceremony/Planning.  While they have renewed their feelings towards each other, they are not really on the same page on certain aspects of their relationship.  Sometimes, I want to just slap her and get her to explain her feelings of rese…

Only a little tearful and anxious (oh, and that was me)

I don't recall Michael being as anxious about kindergarten.  Willow is definitely more concerned.  I don't recall Michael going to kindergarten orientation.  I am sure he probably did...but I don't remember.  I know that having a second child does have the advantages that I know what to look out for--and I did look out and seek the orientation.

Today, I let her sleep in.  We got up and fussed about what she should wear...not unlike most days, but this time I was more helpful and less hurried.  I even removed her kids nail polish and put new nail polish on for her.

We dropped Michael off at his school.  We came back and I made her whatever she wanted for breakfast.  That was instant oatmeal and scrambled eggs with cheese.  And a banana.  And Curious George.

She "helped" me get dressed (she liked my shirt).  Then we went.  She was a bit nervous, and I told her I would be back (they want the parents to come back in 2 hours for a parent orientation and then we pick t…