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Pimped out Geek Style

Cool things about these--there are tons of Chewy (see above) can put his version of our family on his "new" car!

Looking forward to Total Confusion and acquiring other geek type accessories!

Meet Clive

We finally did it.  After many years of no car payments...we finally had to get a new(ish) car.  We were both a little weary of having to get into paying for a car again, but we had gotten all the use we could out of Chewy's car. 

Chewy's car deserves a paragraph all its own.  We have been a two car family for quite some time.  I get the newer car, Chewy gets the older car.  The reason behind that will become clear.  First of all, I am usually the designated driver on family outings, etc.  So I drive the family car (hence newer).  Second, and Chewy will readily admit this...he is a slob.  And he cares even less about cars than I do.  We consider them means to an end, a way to get to our jobs, etc.  He really doesn't care what it looks like or what happens to the interior.  As long as it drives and he gets all the use he can out of the car (because, in the end, buying a car is an awful waste of money, no matter how you slice it).  And I mean he gets out ALL the use.  When …

More Photos from the Party...

Some blurry photos from my cellphone (I NEED to get a new battery for my new camera--ugh!)

Ana putting the final touches on the cake.
Willow all dressed up and after having a piece of cake...a green mustache!
Kirsten and Uncle William...she decided on the green frosting beard!
Kirsten getting a Cthulhu cake the background you can see remenents of fondu.
Lorelei having a tentacle.

Michael's Birthday Party

We had Michael's birthday party today.  Our friend Ana did her magic again with the cake.  I doubled the recipe on the chocolate fondu--which was a hit, but now I have WAAAY too much of it.  We had a veggie tray and Michael's favorite pizza.  Low kinda adult-like.  (Gotta get used to the fact that he is no longer the Kiddie Birthday kid....luckily, I got Willow--who is already saying "when's my birthday?")

Willow and her cousins had a lot of fun and sugar.  And Michael had a really nice time, got some Cthulhu items/figures and some money and a GameStop gift card...all wins for him!

Cthulhu cake!  Ana did an awesome job!
Willow getting into the act while we were taking pictures.  Michael brought down his stuffed Cthulhu which he has had for YEARS...Ana made sure to make the cake based on that.
The tentacles are stella doro cookies.
Trying to get him to just smile naturally is hard lately...
Opening presents while his twin cousins want to help open present…

Random Fact Friday

I am thinking about picking up Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream after work today. Why? Because I know that my son likes that type of ice cream and I thought it would be nice to have for his Birthday get together tomorrow.

Also thinking about going even further and making chocolate fondue with fruit for the get together.

Fact: My son turns 14 in less than a week.  A fact I am still trying to wrap my mind around.

Quotes from an almost Five Year Old...

Trying to find her coat last evening at Pre-K:

"Oh yeah, my coat is in 3C!  Because today I had a Separation Day from Kayla.  Just for today. Because I wasn't listening."  (Kayla is like her BEST friend)

Writing out her Valentines Day Cards:

"Oh Frankie.  Yeah, he doesn't pick up when we are supposed to at clean up time.  He is loud.  He doesn't listen."  (I guess listening is a big thing at school..)

On her newest artwork creation brought from school:

"This is supposed to be about the New Year [they celebrated Chinese New Year this week].  See...that baby dragon...he has a diaper!" (Breaks out into sustained giggles)

On any general day:

"How does ______ work?"  "Why does ________ do that?"  "Poop!!" (Breaks out into sustained giggles)

And sometimes at the most random times:

"Mommy?  I love you!" 
"I love my whole family!" 
"Hi! [stranger she just met] My name is Willow.  I have two cats…

Cellphone Pictures - Willow

Random pictures of Willow:

Having a blue icee at the zoo for Halloween festivities.
Dressed up for her school winter song fest.
Playing around in our bed.
Stocking stuffer playdoh!
Dim Sum!
Going out in the snowstorm yesterday.

Waiting in a Restaurant - December 2012


Moving On

The Muppets usually say it about right.

It seems a few weeks ago we were trying to enjoy the holidays despite hospital stays, sickness and unemployment.  We welcomed the New Year with trepidation only to get slapped in the face with death.

But time keeps moving along even though we want to linger. 

I cannot believe it is February already.  We have booked our reservations for Total Confusion, I have started thinking about what the heck to get for a birthday gift for my soon to be 14 year old...low key birthday for him this year I think, just family and friends.  But maybe I might throw in Laser Tag and on his actual birthday going to HUGE video arcade, just me and him.

Lily is still trying to move on. She is reluctant to eat and she and the other cats have a strange truce where they do not hang out where she is, and she doesn't hang out with them.  Kif and Gabby are so social and so companion-like, I am not used to a stand-offish cat.  (Which, I know, is more typical cat beha…