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Perfect Moments Monday

All together now:

We have all had a little bout of sickness this past week (seems just like a little nasty cold virus). My time finally came this weekend. She had been on/off again sick all week, I had stayed home with her on Friday--about the time I started feeling icky and she was obviously starting to feel better.

Saturday early morning. She started coughing herself awake. So, I brought her into our bed. I do not believe in family beds, but I do feel that if a child is sick or needs comforting...or the parent is just too damned tired to take the child into their bed for the umpteenth billionth time...its okay on occasion. My son sometimes comes into our bed within the last hour of the morning, just for that sleepy/awake-ish snuggle. So, she was in our bed around 5 a.m. Around 6 a.m.--my son comes into the bed to snuggle. And then the cat comes up to me, begging to lay on my hip and be petted.

7 a.m. - we are all together now. The bed is: me on the edge, cat curled up on my h…

The Plan: January

Here is my update on The Plan:

Physical HealthThis is a work in progress, of course. I would say that I have gotten in the habit of taking my vitamins and brushing and flossing my teeth to the point that I would say that is a success. Of the things to try to lose weight, I think that I have maintained my morning exercise routine with a minimum of success--the past 2 weeks have been more chaotic than usual, so trying to get up early enough to do my full morning routine has been hard. At least I am getting up at doing at the minimum 20 - 30 mins on stationary bike...this would be on average 3-5 days a week. The WiiFit and Cardio Boxing--also been hard hit by the chaos, but I was able to work out 15 - 20 mins. an average of 3 nights a week. The more active bit--kinda been harder hit by the weather and people being sick in the household...Where I have failed totally and utterly--eating better. Last week was Carb heavy AND then this week, hit with the time of the month of cravings, e…

Life In General

Random stuff:

Bought a new DVD player. Its a combo DVD and VHS player like our old one, but also has dubbing function. Because of this, we have been watching some old VHS home movies and its been bittersweet to see people and places from our childhoods. I cannot even fathom how I am going to feel when we get to the VHS tapes I have of Michael when he was a baby...

Funny story about the old DVD player. I bought it without husband along. I bought it a few years back. And its never worked that great. And husband especially complained about it. And I said--if you don't like it, lets get a new one. And each time, not wanting to part with the money or whatever...he let it go. So, finally, we were out getting a humidifier (cuz that is what you do when your husband has been coughing for 2 weeks and the doc says its "just a cold going around") and while we were there--got the new DVD player. Husband wants to take the old DVD player out a la "Office Space" fax mach…

Show & Tell #59

I sent in our pre-registration forms for Total Con today. Its a gaming convention in late February that we go to everyyear.

One of the things we signed up for is this special event:

"Special Event: G[uest]O[f]H[onor] Frank Mentzer will be
running the First D&D module ever printed
in 1976 "Palace of the Vampire Queen" as
run at Gary Con 1, the first convention to
commemorate the passing of Gary Gygax
and will be offering special signed souvenir
certificates for those who play this event."

And that got me thinking about one of my favorite combinations: Futurama and D&D:

Click Here to see a cool little clip I found (just now!) with the creators of Futurama talking about Gary Gygax.

I like the line "I"m a tenth level Vice President!"

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Perfect Moment Monday

Moments that are perfect can come when you are tired...

Moment #1:

It is getting time to go to bed and its time to read to her. He has been at a Babysitter's Introduction Class most of the day. So, he volunteers to read to her. And then he proceeds to multi-task...he needs to finish his Einstein biography (so that they can do the report this week). So, we all cuddle up to my almost eleven year old reading about Albert Einstein going to school. She listens intently for a while. Then she starts poking him in the face. And then she hugs him and kisses him. I have no idea how she realized this--but she showed her brother such affection at such the right moment...

Moment #2:

It is a half an hour later. We are sitting down to some adult time television viewing. We hear some rustling up stairs, but figure they are settling down. We think he is going to the bathroom; we think she is talking to herself in her crib. And then, they are at the top of the stairs. He says that she was …

Show & Tell #58

What does this:

Have to do with this:

Well, I think this article sums up:

Willow put about Four of the above up her nose tonight...

I like that the article says this:

How can I prevent this from happening?

"...You'll also want to teach your child that it's a bad idea to put anything in his nose and ears."

Yeah. Reasoning with a toddler. I will mark that down.

* Note: No toddlers were harmed in this post...but, there was an "ewww" factor...

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Time Marching On

Its been taking some time for me to get back into my groove for the New Year. I think the last couple of months have been stressful and I think we are still dealing with changes in our routines/family. I have been pretty good about my exercise routines, its more about the other facets of my life--like eating right and getting enough sleep, getting things done around the house, etc. I am usually the person planning things to do on the weekends, etc. I like to be busy, I like to do fun things to enrich myself and my family. But, the last couple of months-- a lot of the weekends have been my time to collapse into exhaustion. A few Saturdays--I did not get out of the house--a few Saturdays, I did not get out of my pjs! I was just that exhausted. Unfortunately, I find that people in my family rely on me to set the standard--so, when I do not plan anything--then nothing gets done. Of course, with the holidays I did DO things--but not as many things as I usually do. And, it did not help that…

Show & Tell #57

Being creative with toys.

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Perfect Moment Monday

Moment #1: I don't do as much socializing outside my comfort zone--usually my husband, a few mutual friends. Sometimes that can be isolating. So, one part of my Plan this year--try to reach out to others and find my social life again. Yesterday, I was going to a Meet Up for Ruby Feathers (see sidebar badge). As I was leaving, my husband and she were sleeping on the couch. My son--he was acting dejected. He knew he needed to do some homework, but did not want to...and suddenly--he was clingy. I told him if he wanted me to, I would stay. I told him that nothing is more important to me than him. But, he said I could go. I left him my cell phone number, I told him to call if he wanted me to come home. LATER, when I got home, my husband and I were expecting company--and I expressly ignored them (with their permission) to go watch "Monsters, Inc." with my son next to me in my arms.

Moment #2: The men of the house went to get the garbage cans from the street. She was u…

Saturday Laying Low

Except for Karate this morning, we did not leave the house today which is unusual for us.

Things did get done around the house. And the kids had some fun...

Michael Assembled his Star Wars Robotic Arm that we got him for Christmas:

And the hand MOVES:

(Looking at this video again, I see there is a diaper in the foreground--that is not a dirty diaper--Willow likes to take the real diapers and put them on her baby dolls--so that is just a disguarded "pretend" diaper diaper) (ahh, chaos)

Willow looked like she was going places:

Sometimes it is nice to just "hang out".

Show & Tell # 56

For the holidays, I received Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing for the Wii(we have had a Wii since they came out--LOVE it). As part of my Plan, I am playing this (or WiiFit) 15 mins a night...and here are some screen shots taken from tonight....

This is Nina--pretty nice lady, and often she encourages me (with the same phrases every time)

My Japanimation version of me. I wish.

I did hooks and jabs. Fun fun! (Notice the forest in front of me--I can also have a seaside or the gym)

To play, you kinda do like Dance, Dance or Rock band--with your fists! (and with either remote and nunchuck, or my preference, two remotes).

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The Plan 2010 - Log Entry: Stardate: 63478.8

(Yes, I went to this website to get the Stardate)

Last night/this morning was typical on how things can get off track. Just for the record, here is my plan again...with some updates on how I am doing so far:

Physical Health

Lose and keep off the baby weight - Have kept off the 7 lbs. I lost before holidays.

Take vitamins - been taking my Vitamin C; have resisted going out and buying new Multivitamins because I know Willow hid my new bottle I just bought at the store SOMEWHERE in the house...(hmmm...perhaps those left over Pre-Natals will do until I find them?)

Become more active - does shoveling snow count? Cuz done lots of that!

Maintain my morning exercise routine; expand it to working out of WiiFit at night for at least 15 mins. - pretty much--this will be expanded upon momentarily...

Brush and floss my teeth more often - doing good

Mental Well Being

Re-start our Family Meetings – try to make them bi-weekly - a lot of talk on that, but no meeting yet...

Simplify (Throw things AWAY)

Use alone …

Perfect Moments Monday

Sometimes a little chaos can bring perfect moments.

Moment #1: He has a friend sleeping over. They generally end up falling asleep around 10 p.m., so it really is no hassle. Until they both come down the stairs. At 10:30 p.m.—just as my husband and I were going to play Beatles Rock Band. They have scared each other silly with ghost stories and stories of the supernatural. We talk to them, making sure there is no real issue here. There is none, they just want to be up for a bit. So. My husband and I play Beatles music (pretty well, too) while the boys play on my laptop. It was chaos controlled--and I got to spend time with my husband before we all went up to bed...

Moment #2: I hear "It's a level 10!" and I know what that means. I jump up from what I was doing (cleaning peas and carrots off the kitchen floor) and I go upstairs to start the bath. Husband deals with the icky diaper and clothes, I deal with icky toddler. She plays in a bubble bath while I finish …

Spinning round