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Good-Bye Claudius

Our oldest pet died today. Claudius was a wonderfully fun pet. He would jump and climb on top of you. When we first got him in September 1995, he was 6 months old and had been called "Matty". We almost called him Darth Vader, but it just did not fit with such a cute cuddly chinchilla. He was our first higher maintenance pet (we had had Siberian Dwarf Hamsters named Tweety and Sylvester when we first married). He LOVED raisins and dustbaths. He was my first "baby". I used to go on chinchilla websites all the time for feeding and care, etc. For 4 years, he had the run of our apartments. We would let him (and later on Leeloo) run all over the apartment. When we moved to a house, they got the run of the upstairs. When Michael came into our lives, the chinchillas were not so sure about where they stood. Eventually, Michael was helping with them and Claudius was especially able to adapt to a small child running about.

I feel bad that the last couple years ha…

Next 10 - Restaurant Edition

I live in the Boston area, which has a wonderful variety of eateries. Below are some of the restaurants I love to go to in and around Boston:

41. Kyoto Japanese Steak House. I like to get the chicken and shrimp with fried rice. They make it in front of you with a little "show". Its cute, but the main reason I go there--its really really good food.

42. Diva Indian Bistro I like the chicken curry and mango lassi. They have a great buffet.

43. Mandarin Reading I go here once a month or so to have lunch with a friend. They have a great buffet, which includes sushi. And their crab ragoons are to die for.

44. Legal Seafoods It was one of my first seafood experiences, and it has a special place in my heart. I love their Clam Chowder and their warm chocolate pudding.

45. Bonfire Steakhouse I have only went here once (on my anniversary). But I LOVED it, and hope to go again. The Spinach Parmesan was wonderful.

46. Lobster Pot There are really great places to eat on Cape Cod, and…

Next 10: 31 - 40

31. I am surprised that I actually like exercising. I hated gym in school, although I did play in a few after school sports like field hockey and soccer. I have been dealing with my weight since puberty. But, I find I like exercise and how it makes me feel more physically fit--even when I don't lose weight. The past couple months have actually been trying for me since I have tried to "take it easy". I am much happier now that I have a pregnancy exercise video and I am easing into simple exercise again.

32. I would like to visit Europe someday. I have never been outside this country--other than Canada.

33. I was a tomboy when I was a girl. I am still not very femme. If this baby is a girl, I hope that she is a tomboy...although I will cringe and buy Walt Disney's Princess stuff if that is what she wants...

34. I played in the high school Marching Band--I played clarinet.

35. I like playing video games, we have an X-Box and a Wii. I like the Wii a lot!

36. We are m…


Taking the cat to the vet: "Mom, let me carry her [in the carrier]. You can't lift things right now--think of the BABY!" To the vet and anyone in the waiting room, etc.: "I have to carry her, my mom's pregnant and can't carry things right now."

On nutrition in pregnancy: Husband - "Well, cheese is good, right?" Me - "Umm...yeah certain kinds. What do you mean?" Husband - "Well, like pizza, right? Its got tomato and cheese--those are good."

We have Graduated! - Updated w/pics

The ultrasound went very well. Saw the heartbeating at 179; saw the spud spudding (budding limbs) and saw the umbilical cord. Tadpole is doing quite well, has grown and its still growing. The doctor said all signs are very good and have all hit the incidators for a successful full term. So, as the staff at the Fertility Clinic said--You are Graduated! No more Clinic! My next appointment is with an OB on October 11th.

I will update with pictures (as soon as I can get the scanner to work).

As for the Fertility Clinic--I really liked them. If anyone is looking for a clinic to go to in New England/Massachusetts area, let me know and I can fully recommend them. They were personable, not in your face, but very nice. The three Dr.s are well known in their fields, etc. I always felt they were looking for our best interests.

So, another hurdle over, and frankly, I am starting to feel optimistic (don't tell anyone!).


Bottoms Up--Head on the bottom of picture.

Heart Beat


Nerves of Noodles

Everything seems to be going fine, but yet I can't help but be completely mental about tomorrow's ultrasound. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is so not like the last time. At 8 weeks last time, I was blissfully unaware of the many dangers that could be lurking. Now, I am obsessively checking on my symptons. When I don't feel pregnant I worry, and when I do feel pregnant I ease up just a little bit but then my mind says--hold on its so early still. UGH!

So, needless to say, I am not expecting much sleep from now until tomorrow morning. Luckily, the U/S is first thing in the morning.

Come on--let's go through another hurdle!

The Next Ten - Movie Edition

21. Some of my favorite old movies are: Citizen Kane; Casablanca; Sound of Music; The Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin); Singing in the Rain; Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin); Duck Soup (Marx Bros); Horse Feathers (Marx Bros.): Bringing Up Baby; Philadelphia Story; The Third Man; Rear Window; Vertigo....okay, so you get I like old movies, right??!?

22. How I rate Star Trek Movies:

1) IV - Voyage Home
2) II - Wrath of Khan
3) VI - Undiscovered Country
4) III - Search for Spock
5) Next Gen - First Contact

(The rest we will pretend did not happen) Oh, and yes, I prefer Kirk to Picard. (Although I like Picard--he is no Kirk!)

23. How I rate Star Wars Movies (Before George Lucas decided to mess with them):

1) IV: New Hope (ahh, Han Solo!)
2) V: Empire Strikes Back (No! Han!)
3) VI: Return of the Jedi (Aww! Han!!)
4) III: Revenge of the Sith (The best of the "new" ones)
5) II: Attack of the Clones (le…

Next 10 things about me...

11. I LOVE chocolate. I am an affirmed choc-holic. I can not go through a day without some chocolate. And since last year, I have really, really tried to curb that--but it has seemed better to have the no sugar added chocolate ice cream, etc. and the occassional chocolate fix than to totally give it up.

12. I like gorey true crime. I have read tons of books on Jack the Ripper and the JFK Assassination. I have a few books hidden in the house that have morgue and homicide photos, etc. (Yes, I am sick like that). One of my favorite websites is Find A Death.

13. I am an athiest. I have nothing against anyone's religion, being brought up Roman Catholic and husband was brought up Jewish. We still have a Christmas tree and a Menorah, but its mainly secular traditions for us. I feel like I am "coming out" every time I say that I am an athiest. I think athiests have a bad reputation as people who are not open minded, and the fact is that I am very open minded, and som…

Ten Things about me...

Taking a cue from Samatha, I am going to do 100 things about me...10 at a time.

1. I met my husband at a Star Trek club meeting at the University we were both going to. (That pretty much says a lot right there!)

2. I lived most of my childhood in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

3. We originally thought we would name our first pet chinchilla "Darth Vader".

4. I like to scrapbook, although haven't done much lately (hmm..been a bit pre-occupied).

5. I have an old pinball machine sitting in my living room right now. It's upside down and doesn't work. Supposedly, someone (HUSBAND) is going to move it before the holidays....

6. Speaking of holidays--I was born on one (Christmas). And no, it didn't bother me as a kid--my parents were cool with it; and no my parents didn't name me something Christmas like.

7. I love to read, as does husband and now our son. We read all sorts of things, including comic books, fiction, nonfiction, magazines, gum wrappers...

8. I love sushi a…

Third Grade Already!?!? - Updated

I cannot believe that he is already in 3rd Grade. His first day went well, he liked his teacher and he has a few friends in his class (his best friend is not in his class this year unfortunately). This morning, he made sure we got the required photos for First School Day. Including this very posed shot (the white tiger is the school's mascot). Hmm...not that posed--I see the cat snuck in...

And you know its the school year when he brings home a scholastic book order form!

Happy School Year!

UPDATE: Now with video

April 27, 2008


We got to the clinic 5 mins. late. And waited. And waited. The Doctor was late. But we hadn't even had the ultrasound yet. We waited some more. We read a lot of magazines (I wish I had brought my book). We got nervous--on top of everything else, we had our neighbor watching Michael, and we had told her it would be only an hour (and she had to get to work, etc.). And we waited.

FINALLY, they took us in for the ultrasound. And it was perfect. Every thing is normal. Every thing is the way it should be. AND we even saw a heartbeat (111 bpm). A heart beat! I hadn't expected that we would be lucky to see that. So, the little tadpole is there..and we are happy.

After more waiting, we talked to the doctor. We will start Pregesterone suppositories tomorrow (hopefully) and half our Estrace. Come back in 2 weeks for another U/S. THEN, 2 weeks after that...he advised us to get an OB!! Before we left, he gave me a hug! I got hugged by the doctor! He said that I had …

Lazy Like a Cat...

Going to Rockport for the long weekend. Motel near the beach, seafood, shops and fun. AND a non-IVF or baby related book!

I hope everyone has a good weekend.